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You Can Play Jazz Guitar! - DVD 1

Scales, Modes, and Other Essentials

Taught By:
Mike DeMicco
Here are the skills every guitar player needs to play beautiful solos and create exciting improvisations. Mike DeMicco gives you a complete understanding of what jazz guitar is all about, taking you through a wide variety of scales, modes, arpeggios and c
Skill Level 2

82-min DVD, Includes music + diagrams

You Can Play Jazz Guitar!- DVD 2

Improvisation-Developing Your Own Style

Taught By:
Mike DeMicco
Now it's time to dig deeper into jazz improvisation in styles ranging from bebop to jazz blues. On this second DVD, guitarist Mike DeMicco presents a full range of soloing ideas designed to expand your knowledge of the guitar in one quantum leap! Mike's l
Skill Level 3

80-min DVD, Includes music + diagrams

You Can Play Jazz Guitar!-DVD 3

Putting It All Together

Taught By:
Mike DeMicco
Using advanced techniques and concepts, Mike teaches you how to build creative solos while finding your own musical voice in jazz guitar. Essential learning for anyone who wants to play in this style.
Skill Level 4

60-min DVD, Includes music + diagrams


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