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Spring is just about here! The days are getting longer and it's time to start getting your musical skills together for the season ahead. We have more than 500 lessons at all levels that will teach you songs and techniques, and that will give you renewed pleasure in whichever musical genre you enjoy playing. 

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"Licks-Ercises:" - Powerful Fretboard Exercises Become an Arsenal of Licks!

This new DVD features dozens of fretboard drills that double as phrases for blues, country, swing and boogie-woogie guitar tunes. Do the exercises, then apply the licks in real-life musical situations. This "encyclopedia of exercises disguised as licks” might be the coolest, most user-friendly DVD lesson you’ve ever worked with. Get It Now!

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These six songs and instrumentals, from his recent CD, "Just For the Love of It," will challenge, delight and inspire learning guitarists looking for new techniques and fresh repertoire. Happy teaches two traditional blues; a timeless cowboy song; an instrumental version of a great country/pop classic and more. Each song demonstrates important styles and techniques that will add depth and finesse to your playing. 

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