Cool Free Stuff

Keep your eye on this page! We will be posting all kinds of free stuff for you to enjoy, and learn from! But the items are only available for a limited time - so get them while they're here! ENJOY!


Toby Walker's Cool Double Stop QuickLick 

Here's an easy but very effective lick you can use in a variety of situations.

Intro to "Malaguena" by Aaron Gilmartin 

This is probably the most familiar Spanish guitar piece in the world. Aaron Gilmartin shows how to play it in two versions, one very basic and the other a little more complex - and exciting!

Happy Traum's Advice on Performing

Happy offers invaluable advice, based on a half century of experience, to anyone who wants to play for an audience, whether in a living room or a concert hall.

DADGAD QuickLick by Al Petteway 

Here's a brand new QuickLick by master fingerstyle player Al Petteway. Get your strings tuned to DADGAD and play along. It's a spectacular lick - but not difficult! Look for Al's DVD lesson, "Appalachian Fingerstyle Guitar in DADGAD Tuning: Blues, Hymns, Celtic and Banjo Styles."

Steve Wariner's Bluesy QuickLick 

Steve Wariner is one of Nashville's hottest pickers, as well as being a hit songwriter and singer. His biggest influence is Chet Atkins, with whom he developed a close personal and working friendship. This lick shows his enormous musical taste and ability, and it will add great depth to your own playing. Try it out and let us know how you like it.

A Minor Blues Groove 

Here's a really nice progression that you can use for bluesy songs in a minor key. (Think Merle Travis' "16 Tons.") Hope you enjoy it!

Brownie McGhee Blues Mini-Lesson

Here's an excerpt from my DVD course on Brownie McGhee's blues guitar songs and picking style. Brownie was my teacher and mentor when I was starting out, and a major influence on my playing. - Happy Traum

Drumming For Kids Mini-Lesson