Get Started On 5-String Banjo

David Holt
You've bought a brand new banjo. You take it home and pull it out of the case. Now what? Well, you put this DVD in your player, learn the parts of the banjo, how to hold it, and how to get it in tune... and start to play! With his easy, good-humored manner, David Holt introduces you to a ... Read More

Great Banjo Lessons

Sonny Osborne, Eddie Adcock, Bill Keith, Tony Trischka, Don Wayne Reno, Ralph Stanley, Pete Wernick

Bluegrass Style

Bluegrass banjo has all the drive, excitement, rhythmic complexity and melodic possibilities that you could want in an instrument. This collection of lessons, compiled from Homespun's vast library of music instruction, covers a variety of skills and tunes. The segments are graded to take you from elementary to advanced levels, and will open up myriad playing possibilities while allowing ... Read More

Great Banjo Lessons - Clawhammer Style

Bob Carlin,Mike Seeger,Cathy Fink,David Holt,Kirk Sutphin,Ralph Stanley,Mark Johnson,Frank Lee
The rhythmic pulse and percussive sounds of old-time clawhammer banjo have been ringing through the hills and valleys of America since the instrument was brought to these shores from Africa in our earliest colonial days. It has since become a uniquely American style, still current and exciting today, driving the beat along with fiddles, guitars, singers and dancers wherever people ... Read More

Hot Licks for Bluegrass Banjo-Book and CD package

Tony Trischka
Learn over 650 great licks in all styles of bluegrass - Scruggs style, single-string and melodic. Read More

Hot Licks for Bluegrass Banjo - Book Only

Tony Trischka
This encyclopedic 144 page book by one of our contemporary banjo masters contains over 650 great licks in all styles of bluegrass - Scruggs style, single-string and melodic lead-ins, endings, back-ups and licks with diverging lines. Features licks of J.D. Crowe, Don Reno, Bill Keith, Pete Wernick, Bela Fleck and many others. Read More

Hot Licks for Bluegrass Banjo - CDs only

Tony Trischka
Tony Trischka’s "Hot Licks for Bluegrass Banjo" has long been considered one of the best books ever published on bluegrass banjo picking styles. It provides a comprehensive survey of great licks along with insights into how they are actually used in songs and instrumentals. Now you can hear Tony himself play every one of the 650 licks as written in ... Read More

How to Make Up Your Own Banjo Solos - DVD 1

Pete Wernick

What to Play When It's Your Turn to "Take It"!

Learn how to create convincing banjo solos, both "on the fly" in jam sessions and with more precision in your practice time. Here's the alternative to total dependence on tab and memorizing other people's arrangements. Even novice pickers will be able to follow Pete's gradual approach to soloing. He starts with the basic chords and rolls - showing ... Read More

How to Make Up Your Own Banjo Solos - DVD 2

Pete Wernick

What To Play When It?s Your Turn to ?Take it?!

An accomplished banjo player should be able to step out and take a solo in a wide variety of keys, even without the use of a capo. Many learning pickers are challenged by this concept, but master teacher Pete Wernick breaks it down in a way that makes it easy. You'll learn how to create solos in the keys ... Read More

How to Make Up Your Own Banjo Solos - Two-DVD Set

Pete Wernick

What To Play When It?s Your Turn to ?Take it!?

BUY THE COMPLETE TWO-DVD SET AND SAVE! Players at all levels will benefit from the user-friendly information that Pete imparts on these two groundbreaking DVD lessons. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran picker, Pete gives you the tools you need to build your improvisational and composing skills. Magazine Review: "The two volumes in this series are well worth ... Read More

How To Play The 5-String Banjo - DVD

Pete Seeger
Take a lesson with America's most beloved banjo picker! You'll learn the techniques Pete uses to make songs come alive-- up-picking, frailing, whamming, double-thumbing, hammering-on and pulling-off, two- and three-finger picking and more. Pete teaches more than a dozen songs including: Darlin' Cory, Lady Gay, Risselty Rosselty, Sloop John B., Dink's Song, Leather Britches, Coal Creek March ... Read More

How To Play The Five String Banjo - Book

Pete Seeger
This classic instruction book is filled with songs, music, tablature, photos, chord charts, harmony lessons, tunings, drawings and other fascinating items of banjo lore. It was the first instruction book of its kind, and is still going strong after more than 50 years! Read More

How To Play The Five-String Banjo - Book and DVD Combo

Pete Seeger

DVD and Book Package

Pete's book has been going strong for more than fifty years, and it's still the definitive instruction manual for a variety of American banjo styles. The DVD was recorded more recently, and much of the material is based on his book, so this is a terrific package.Pete is certainly one of the most influential banjo pickers who ... Read More
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