Learn to Play Autoharp

John Sebastian
Here's a step-by-step learning guide to one of our most beautiful (and easiest) traditional instruments. John Sebastian, whose Autoharp was heard by millions on his hit songs with The Lovin' Spoonful, teaches you everything you'll need to make your own music - even if you've never played an instrument before! This clear, easy-to-follow lesson starts you off by ... Read More

Learn to Play Blues Piano - Video 1

David Bennett Cohen

A Beginner's Guide to Improvisation

Get started playing authentic blues piano by ear! No music reading or previous piano experience is necessary. Within minutes you'll be playing a shuffle rhythm on the bass notes with your left hand and riffing on the treble notes with your right. David Cohen is an expert player and teacher, and his step-by-step method is logically and carefully conceived ... Read More

Learn To Play Cajun Accordion - Video 1

Dirk Powell

Lesson One: Starting Out

Dirk teaches in a step-by-step approach that makes it easy to start playing Cajun music immediately. He begins with the basics -- how to hold the instrument, use the bellows, place your fingers on the keys, find the notes, and the important technique of playing in octaves (playing "double"), the essence of the Cajun style. Starting with the simplest of melodies ... Read More

Learn To Play Clawhammer Banjo - Two-Video set

Bob Carlin
Grab your five-string banjo and get ready to frail! Bob Carlin builds technique from the ground up, covering all the chords, scales, tunings, right-hand essentials and other basics needed to get the real old-time sound. Read More

Learn To Play Clawhammer Banjo - Video 1

Bob Carlin

Lesson One: The Basics

Grab your five-string banjo and get ready to frail! Bob Carlin covers all the basics of the traditional clawhammer styles, teaching the chords, scales, tunings and right-hand essentials you'll need to figure out almost any tune. The core of this style is in the right hand, and Bob demonstrates, in detail, how to get the real old-time clawhammer sound ... Read More

Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion

John Williams
This complete guide to learning traditional Irish button accordion will get you started playing tunes right away--the right way! You'll learn how to hold the accordion and sound your first scales, bass notes, chords and arpeggios. Before you know it, you'll be navigating around the keyboard and performing your first songs. John Williams teaches you five traditional Irish ... Read More

Learn to Play Old-Time Fiddle - Lesson One

Brad Leftwich

Lesson One

Learn to play fiddle in the real old-time style with this lesson in traditional downbow fiddling. Brad Leftwich shows how to produce the flowing, rhythmic sound that has delighted square dancers and music lovers for generations. He teaches tunings, drone strings and double stops, simple variations and several specific bow licks, including short and long saw-strokes and the shuffle. Brad ... Read More

Learn To Play Old-Time Fiddle - Lesson Two

Brad Leftwich

Lesson Two

Here are more great tunes and techniques from one of the foremost old-time fiddlers in the United States. Aimed at "advanced intermediate" players, Brad includes a brief review of the basic licks taught in his first lesson before quickly moving on to more advanced bowing patterns. You'll learn the "Tommy," "Melvin" and "Benton" licks (named in honor of master ... Read More

Learn To Play Old-Time Fiddle - Two Video Set

Brad Leftwich
Learn the secrets to playing fiddle in the real old-time style. On these two lessons, Brad Leftwich teaches the fundamentals of traditional "downbow" fiddling. His unique method helps you learn how to produce the flowing, rhythmic sound that has delighted square dancers and music lovers for generations. Drawing on a lifetime of listening to, learning from, and playing with older ... Read More

Learn To Yodel

Tod Whittemore, Cathy Fink
This perennial favorite was used by Bette Midler, who learned to yodel for a movie role, as well as by countless others who love the powerful singing styles of Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, The Sons of the Pioneers, Slim Whitman, Patsy Montana ("The Cowboy's Sweetheart") and other country and western stars. These lessons are great for practicing at home ... Read More

Mandolin Licks-ercises

Dix Bruce

Licks, Tunes and Exercises for Beginning and Intermediate Players

Improving your mandolin technique does not have to employ mind-numbing drills and exercises. Dix Bruce shows you licks, solos, kick-offs, endings and complete tunes that will hone your skills so that even near-beginners can use them in real-life playing situations.  Dix’s well thought-out, step-by-step method uses our trademark Licks-ercises concept. Starting with simple “call and response” phrases, he outlines ... Read More

Mark O'Connor's Fiddle Camp - Back to Basics

Mark O'Connor
Take a center seat in Mark O'Connor's exciting "Back To Basics" class (filmed at his popular annual Fiddle Camp). Mark points out items of stylistic and technical importance and helps you develop your ear. You'll master a wide variety of basic fiddle techniques, and learn to play three tunes in phrase-by-phrase detail by the end of this ... Read More
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