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Happy Traum's skillful musicianship and avid interest in traditional and contemporary music has brought him worldwide recognition. He has performed extensively throughout the U.S. Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, and has appeared on recordings as a featured artist and as a member of various ensembles. He has recorded and/or performed with many top artists, including Bob Dylan, Chris Smither, Maria Muldaur, Eric Andersen, Rory Block, Jerry Jeff Walker, Allen Ginsberg, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and numerous others.

A Very Cool Lick in A

A very cool "Lick of the Day" that's easy but effective. You can use it for blues, bluegrass or old-time music - flatpick or fingerstyle. It makes for a great exercise, too. Let us know how you like this one. It's one of my favorites. 


Aaron Gilmartin's "Intro to Malagueña"

Aaron Gilmartin has made some wonderful video lessons for Homespun on flamenco and bossa nova guitar styles and techniques. He is an acknowledged expert in these genres and is a fine teacher as well. Malagueña is undoubtedly the most familiar Spanish guitar piece in the world. Aaron Gilmartin shows how to play it in two versions, one very basic and the other a little more complex - and exciting! Even beginners will have fun with this one. You can see all of Aaron's lessons here


An Easy Harmony Line in E

Here's a really pretty little lick on the 6th and 3rd strings that you can use descending as a blues turnaround or ascending as a lead-in to the A chord. I've put DR "Neon" strings on my Santa Cruz OM both because they look and sound great and also so learning players can more easily see which strings and frets I'm playing. Let me know if this helps. For more beginning blues instruction, try my "Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar."


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