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Here are some useful guitar licks and playing tips bHomespun owner/instructor Happy Traum and others. Homespun Performances are excerpts from lessons by some of our great artists that are worth listening to just for pleasure. Keep checking back as we'll be adding to them frequently. And take a look at Happy's Blog. He has had a fascinating journey through more than six decades of playing, writing, and studying about American folk music, and he has quite a few stories to tell. 

Doc Watson Plays "Little Sadie"

This is one of our favorite Doc Watson songs, the old traditional mountain ballad "Little Sadie." On this video lesson, Doc sits down with Steve Kaufman, a top-notch flatpicker in his own right, and shows how he plays some of his most beloved songs and instrumentals. He and Steve trade licks and play duets, and Doc slows his playing down so that you will be able to follow along as you learn to play these fabulous tunes. 


Easy But Spectacular

Here's a great little pull-off lick that's easy to play but sounds really dynamic as an ending, or something for between verses or phrases. Happy simplifies it for novice pickers who want to perk up their listeners' ears. You'll have a lot of fun with this one! 


My Favorite Lick in C

Here's an easy but dynamic lick that you can learn and play in the key of C. It works as an ending, an intro, or a fill-in when playing a bluesy song or instrumental. I use it quite a lot in my playing and I'm sure you will too when you get it into your playing. 


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