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Welcome to Our Free Licks + Happy Traum's Blog!

We're pleased to offer these useful guitar licks and tips bHomespun owner/instructor Happy Traum and others. We hope these will keep your fingers busy and give you some inspiration and add excitement to your day. Keep checking back for new entries.

In addition, take a look at Happy's Blog. He has had a fascinating journey through more than six decades of playing, writing and studying about American folk music, and he has quite a few stories to tell. Again, he'll be making regular entries into this blog, so come back to it from time to time and see what he has to say.

Adam Traum's Cool Lick in C

Singer/songwriter/expert guitarist Adam Traum offers a great lick in the key of C for blues, ragtime, and other acoustic roots styles. In addition to his music career, Adam is a video producer and editor for Homespun and is an integral part of our team. For more lessons by him, click here.


Brownie McGhee Lick in E

Here's a great little lick that I learned directly from Brownie. You can hear him play it in several of his songs. It really adds some nice movement and a blues feel when you're playing an E chord. Try it out. 


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