Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques-DVD 2

Norman Blake

Ten Stellar Songs and Instrumentals

Norman Blake has long been an icon for lovers of great country-style guitar, a "musician's musician" whose impeccable taste and sure touch have inspired countless folk, bluegrass and country players. Norman's music combines a true old-time sound with just enough of a modern touch to make his playing both timeless and contemporary. On this fascinating DVD, Norman expands ... Read More

Old-Time Banjo

Frank Lee
Frank Lee, of the sensational old-time band The Freight Hoppers, has one of the strongest banjo sounds around. His clawhammer frailing style locks in tight with David Bass' fiddle, sometimes doubling the melody and other times providing an exciting counterpoint to it. Frank's rhythm playing highlights the solid tempo established by Cary Fridley's guitar and Jim O'Keefe ... Read More

Old-Time Banjo Styles

Mike Seeger
Few people know as much about traditional American banjo styles--or play them as well--as Mike Seeger. On this extraordinary DVD, Mike teaches two- and three-finger picking, up-picking, clawhammer and other dominant old-time banjo techniques in a variety of tunings and regional styles. Many of the skills that Mike teaches are enhanced by demonstrations and performances by some of the country ... Read More

Peter Rowan and Tony Rice Teach Songs, Guitar and Musicianship

Peter Rowan, Tony Rice

Play Along and Learn with Two Legendary Artists!

Play Along and Learn with Two Legendary Artists! This captivating session brings together two undisputed giants in the field of bluegrass guitar. Peter Rowan and Tony Rice teach great songs and pass on the techniques, musical insights and wisdom they have gained through decades of experience. This lesson will help players at a variety of levels: If you are an ... Read More

Picking Up Speed

Steve Kaufman

Drills and Tunes For Flatpick Guitarists

It's every bluegrass flatpicker's dream to be able to build up speed while maintaining good tone and timing. Now one of America's hottest players gives you the tools you need to get over the musical speed bumps -- without crashing and burning as you go. It's all a matter of getting your right- and left-hand mechanics working ... Read More

Play Bluegrass Banjo By Ear

Bill Keith
This DVD lesson in basic music theory for five-string banjo conveys an understanding of the instrument that will open up vast possibilities for all players. Although designed for beginners, the material on this lesson will also benefit more experienced pickers who want to fully understand the banjo fretboard. Bill Keith teaches invaluable techniques for finding the notes in any position ... Read More

Rare Bird Alert - TAB Book

Steve Martin

Book of Tablature

  Steve Martin's latest CD, "Rare Bird Alert," has received raves from critics, fans and players alike. His thirteen songs and sparkling banjo solos, in both clawhammer and three-finger picking styles, are whimsical and fun-filled, always beautifully crafted and superbly played by Steve and his band, the Steep Canyon Rangers. This new book features transcriptions for all twelve banjo ... Read More

Reno Evans Trischka 3-DVD Value Pack

Don Wayne Reno, Bill Evans, Tony Trischka

Learn From Three of Our Greatest Bluegrass Banjoists and Save!

Banjo Players!  Here's a package that will teach you the real bluegrass style, presented by three of the world's top players. Each of these pickers has had long experience playing both solo and in bluegrass bands, and will get you playing like never before! Learn the rolls, chord positions, backups and solos you'll need in any ... Read More

Ronnie McCoury + Bluegrass Workout

Steve Kaufman, Ronnie McCoury

Special Combination Price

Work with Ronnie McCoury's sensational mandolin lesson and then practice your licks with Steve Kaufman's back-up tracks. These items would cost $10.00 more if purchased separately! Read More

Southern Banjo Styles - The Complete 3-DVD Set

Mike Seeger
Mike Seeger presents a survey of southern banjo styles, teaching important historic pieces to help you develop a full range of repertoire and traditional techniques. Each lesson features a complete performance of a song or tune (played on a different historical banjo), commentary on its style and source, and detailed instruction for playing it using our easy-to-follow split-screen camera work ... Read More

Southern Banjo Styles - Volume 1

Mike Seeger
The banjo inspired a great variety of playing styles in the South during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. On this in-depth DVD lesson and demonstration, Mike Seeger presents a survey of those styles, teaching each of them to help you develop a full range of repertoire and traditional techniques. This is the first of a 3-volume series covering virtually ... Read More

Southern Banjo Styles - Volume 2

Mike Seeger
Picking up where DVD One left off, Mike Seeger continues his in-depth lesson/demonstration of predominant banjo styles of the 19th and early 20th century. Volume Two focuses on two- and three-finger techniques, some of which are the foundation for contemporary three-finger style. Each segment features a complete performance of a song or tune, comment on its style and source ... Read More
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