Blues Harmonica with Paul Butterfield

Paul Butterfield

Intermediate to Advanced Playing Techniques

On this powerful and important series of lessons made a few years before his death in 1987, one of the great blues harmonica players of all time teaches the techniques he developed during a lifetime of musical experience.Paul Butterfield honed his harp and vocal style in the clubs and bars of his native Chicago, and was known worldwide for ... Read More
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Blues Rock Piano - 6-CD Set

David Bennett Cohen
If you play a little piano and are ready to get into blues, barrelhouse, boogie-woogie or rock playing, then these lessons are for you! This complete six-hour course takes you from the most basic level into the heart of real blues and rock playing. Starting with fairly simple left hand rhythm patterns, David Cohen quickly expands into solo playing. He ... Read More
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Cathal McConnell Teaches Irish Pennywhistle

Cathal McConnell
Here's a lovely traditonal instrument the whole family can enjoy. The pennywhistle (also known as the Irish tin whistle) can be used to play haunting slow airs or the most complex up-tempo jigs, reels, hornpipes and other dance tunes. While it can be simple enough for a child to play, it's also worthy of a lifetime of musical ... Read More

Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer's Kids' Guitar Songbook

Marcy Marxer, Cathy Fink
Here's the perfect companion to Marcy Marxer's best-selling video, "Kids' Guitar"! This child-friendly, engaging instructional CD and book is specially designed to give your child a repertoire of great songs and new guitar techniques.In the inimitable style that has endeared them to kids throughout the world, Cathy and Marcy cheerfully teach the melodies and the guitar (and ... Read More

Classics of Country Blues Guitar - Six CD Set

Rory Block
Learn to play some of the greatest Delta blues guitar solos of all time, taught in accurate detail by a contemporary master of the genre. Rory Block breaks down these fingerstyle pieces phrase-by-phrase, providing the details of how to play them with all the nuances and subtleties of the originals. At the same time, you'll acquire the technical skills ... Read More
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David Bennett Cohen Teaches Blues Piano

David Bennett Cohen

A Hands on Course in Traditional Blues Piano

Sit down at the piano and start to boogie! This easy play-along course will have you rockin' and rollin' in no time -- even if you have never played blues piano before. David Cohen (The Blues Project, Country Joe and the Fish, etc.) starts you at the beginning, quickly getting you into the elementary theory needed to understand chord progressions and ... Read More

Dr. John Teaches New Orleans Piano - The Complete Edition - Book/Audio

Dr. John

Vol. 1: In-Depth Sessions with a Master Musician; Vol. 2: Building a Blues Repertoire; Vol 3: Sanctifying the Blues

Now in one complete deluxe volume for the first time! Dr. John, a veritable encyclopedia of music and lore, immerses you in all aspects of New Orleans boogie and blues piano. These intimate sessions with the legendary "Night Tripper" are as close to taking private lessons with a blues master as you will get. The information he imparts will help ... Read More

Dr John Teaches New Orleans Piano - Volume 1

Mac Rebennack (Dr John)

Volume One: In-Depth Session with a Master Musician - Book with code for audio download

Mac "Dr John" Rebennack, a veritable encyclopedia of music and lore, immerses you in all aspects of New Orleans boogie and blues piano. This intimate session with the legendary "Night Tripper" is like taking a private lesson with a blues master. The information he imparts will help you build a solid repertoire and acquire a wealth of essential licks, runs ... Read More

Dr John Teaches New Orleans Piano - Volume 2

Mac Rebennack (Dr John)

Volume Two: Building a Blues Repertoire

This powerful lesson is jammed with a wealth of rhythmic and melodic ideas, each delivered with Dr John's unfailing style and taste. Through his encyclopedic knowledge of traditional piano styles, you'll gain a firm grip on the authentic blues "feel" that will give your playing new depth while you vastly increase your repertoire.Dr John adds an arsenal ... Read More

Dr John Teaches New Orleans Piano - Volume 3

Mac Rebennack (Dr John)

Volume Three: Sanctifying the Blues

Get that sanctified sound! Dr John passes along a gospel piano session with a higher purpose - to solidify your grasp of the church-based rhythms and harmonies that helped give birth to the blues. This lively, in-depth lesson takes you from church to boogie piano, rolling styles, junket blues and back again.This product contains edited material from our four CD ... Read More

Ear Training For Instrumentalists

Matt Glaser
No matter what instrument or type of music you play or sing, this six-CD course in musicianship, theory and ear training will develop your skills, help you create and improvise solos and expand your musical consciousness. Through a progressive series of interactive exercises, Matt Glaser teaches you to play or sing anything you hear. Over weeks and months of studying ... Read More
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Essential Chords and Progressions For Acoustic Guitar

Artie Traum
Expand your chord knowledge and make your playing come alive! Whether you play folk, swing, jazz, blues or rock, this easy-to-follow CD/book will take you to the next level as a rhythm player.Dont get stuck in ordinary C, D, E and G chords.This is your opportunity to open up to new harmonic ideas and develop your musicality ... Read More
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