Exploring the Fingerboard

Russ Barenberg
Find and play any note in any position on the neck, build chords and improvise melodies! This six-hour course, devised for Homespun by the well-known guitarist Russ Barenberg, provides a road map for fully understanding the entire guitar fingerboard. Russ shows you how to play scales in a variety of fingerings and positions to familiarize you with every note. He ... Read More
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First Light

Pete Huttlinger

A Pete Huttlinger Christmas

Learn to play eleven gorgeous Christmas songs, arranged for guitar by Pete Huttlinger, and have the pleasure of hearing Pete play them (and three others) on his solo guitar CD. As most of you know, Pete is one of Homespun's most popular instructors and one of America's top fingerstyle guitarists. He has created this music and tablature book ... Read More

Guitar For The Absolute Beginner - 4-CD Set

Happy Traum
Here is a complete course that will have you playing your guitar in minutes. You'll learn all the basic chords and important picking and strumming techniques, and will be singing and playing more than a dozen songs - right from the first lesson! Happy Traum, one of the world's most experienced guitar teachers, has carefully designed this hands-on, step-by-step ... Read More
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Hammer Dulcimer - A Complete 6-CD Course

John McCutcheon
A complete course in the hammer dulcimer, taught by one of its leading players! John McCutcheon starts at the beginning, introducing you to the instrument and leading you through a myriad of tunes and techniques to make you an accomplished and versatile instrumentalist. You'll learn a repertoire of more than 20 tunes and variations, in several keys, rhythms and ... Read More
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Happy Traum's Basic Guitar Lessons, Omnibus edition

Happy Traum
This best-selling series of four books, published for the first time in one volume, teaches note reading, music theory and guitar technique in a clear, progressive program. It can be used by the student alone or along with a music teacher, and features duets, quizzes, exercises, illustrations, reviews and dozens of musical pieces. For both finger and pick styles. (Accompanying ... Read More

Hot Licks for Bluegrass Banjo-Book and CD package

Tony Trischka
Learn over 650 great licks in all styles of bluegrass - Scruggs style, single-string and melodic. Read More

Hot Licks for Bluegrass Banjo - Book Only

Tony Trischka
This encyclopedic 144 page book by one of our contemporary banjo masters contains over 650 great licks in all styles of bluegrass - Scruggs style, single-string and melodic lead-ins, endings, back-ups and licks with diverging lines. Features licks of J.D. Crowe, Don Reno, Bill Keith, Pete Wernick, Bela Fleck and many others. Read More

Hot Licks For Bluegrass Guitar Book

Orrin Star
Orrin Star's definitive book of bluegrass guitar licks. Contains nearly 400 examples of hot licks you can add to your playing. Read More

How To Play The Five String Banjo - Book

Pete Seeger
This classic instruction book is filled with songs, music, tablature, photos, chord charts, harmony lessons, tunings, drawings and other fascinating items of banjo lore. It was the first instruction book of its kind, and is still going strong after more than 50 years! Read More

How To Play The Five-String Banjo - Book and DVD Combo

Pete Seeger

DVD and Book Package

Pete's book has been going strong for more than fifty years, and it's still the definitive instruction manual for a variety of American banjo styles. The DVD was recorded more recently, and much of the material is based on his book, so this is a terrific package.Pete is certainly one of the most influential banjo pickers who ... Read More

Jazz Mandolin - Six CDs + Music/Tab Book

Andy Statman

From Bill Monroe to BeBop

This in-depth mandolin method takes you beyond bluegrass and into the fascinating realm jazz improvisation. Starting with an exploration of Bill Monroe's blues-tinged bluegrass style, Andy Statman guides you through a variety of scales, modes, riffs, chord progressions and substitutions. In addition to teaching his own techniques, he shows you, in detail, how to improvise bebop, swing and contemporary ... Read More
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Jazz Piano - The Six-CD Set

Warren Bernhardt

From Basic Theory to Advanced Solo Pieces

One of the world's great contemporary players explores jazz piano from basic theory to advanced solo pieces. Warren Bernhardt shares his vast musical knowledge to give you a real understanding of the piano and its possibilities. He covers the essential scales, modes, chord voicings, intervals, progressions and everything else you need to add excitement, color and creativity to your ... Read More
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