Classical Guitar and Beyond

Stephen Funk Pearson
Here's a complete course in classical guitar on six one-hour CDs or downloads . Designed both for novices and experienced guitarists, these lessons will help you improve your musicianship, build your technique, and enhance your musical understanding. Guitarist Stephen Funk Pearson teaches you to play expressive, beautiful guitar pieces right from the first lesson. As you play through these easy-to-use ... Read More

Classical Guitar - Arrangements of Four Beloved Folk Songs

Frederic Hand
Guitar virtuoso Frederic Hand teaches exquisite classical guitar arrangements of four widely known and much-beloved American folk songs: The Water is Wide, Wayfaring Stranger, Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair and We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder. He shows you how, by using lush chords, rich harmonies and inventive improvisational elements, you can make each one ... Read More

Classical Guitar Technique and Musicianship

Frederic Hand
Here's a lesson for both classical musicians and fingerstyle guitarists who want to discover their "natural dexterity" for speed, tone and effortless technique! Whether you are a beginning or advanced guitarist, you will benefit from Fred Hand's in-depth exploration of the fundamental principles of classical guitar technique. "Your body and mind have an innate ability to express the ... Read More

Classical Guitar: Techniques Plus Seven Easy Pieces

Frederic Hand

Classical Guitar - Two-Video Set

Frederic Hand
These lessons are for both classical musicians and fingerstyle guitarists who want to improve their speed, tone and technique. They include essentials of good playing as well as practice with arpeggios, scales,vibrato, cross-string trills and other techniques that you'll apply to beautiful classical-style pieces. The music taught on these DVDs will be within the reach of most guitarists ... Read More

Easy Steps to Bossa Nova Guitar

Aaron Gilmartin

Adding Brazilian Sounds to Your Repertoire

The distinctive sound of Brazilian bossa nova guitar has permeated the musical landscape for fifty years, influencing singers, instrumentalists and songwriters throughout the world. Based on a melding of jazz voicings and samba rhythms, this gently swinging fingerpicking-based style will bring new colors and rhythms to all your guitar accompaniments and solos. Aaron Gilmartin builds your bossa nova guitar technique ... Read More

Easy Steps to Flamenco Guitar

Aaron Gilmartin

Play Along and Learn

Sound like a flamenco guitarist today! Aaron Gilmartin has made his introduction to this guitar style so easy that even someone with just a minimal amount of guitar experience can start playing this exciting and passionate music. To get you going, Aaron has chosen Tango Flamenco, one of the great traditional Latin dance forms transformed by flamenco. It's based ... Read More

Learn to Play Flamenco Guitar

Aaron Gilmartin
Aaron Gilmartin's clear, concise instructions will get you started playing flamenco guitar right away. All you'll need is a basic knowledge of the fingerboard and a nylon string guitar to learn this exciting musical tradition. Whether you now play classical, folk, blues or contemporary fingerstyle guitar, these videos will open a whole new world of music to you ... Read More

Mike Dowling's Roadmap to Creative Guitar Arranging

Mike Dowling

Simple Concepts for Advanced Playing

Master musician Mike Dowling shows you, step-by-step, how to develop unique guitar arrangements for your favorite tunes. Using easily accessible fretboard techniques, he teaches, analyses and deconstructs his creative process to spark new ideas in your playing.  This lesson is filled with tips and musical advice that will forever change the way you approach your guitar. Mike’s bottom line ... Read More

Seven Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar

Frederic Hand

Best known student pieces, fingerboarding and classical technique.

The beauty and romance of the classical guitar is brought home in this fascinating lesson by one of the world's top players. Frederic Hand applies the essential techniques that he demonstrated on his first Homespun video to gorgeous music that will be accessible to all guitarists...with practice. The seven works taught on this video are among the best-known ... Read More

The Segovia Style

Eliot Fisk

Classical Guitar of the Maestro

This lesson takes us to the heart of the music of the great Andres Segovia. Eliot Fisk, a protegé of Segovia and a master of classical guitar in his own right, has put together a lesson that is filled with invaluable advice and powerful insights into the timeless Segovia legacy. Eliot Fisk's passion for teaching and his love for ... Read More