Seven Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar

Frederic Hand

Best known student pieces, fingerboarding and classical technique.

The beauty and romance of the classical guitar is brought home in this fascinating lesson by one of the world's top players. Frederic Hand applies the essential techniques that he demonstrated on his first Homespun video to gorgeous music that will be accessible to all guitarists...with practice. The seven works taught on this video are among the best-known ... Read More

The Segovia Style

Eliot Fisk

Classical Guitar of the Maestro

This lesson takes us to the heart of the music of the great Andres Segovia. Eliot Fisk, a protegé of Segovia and a master of classical guitar in his own right, has put together a lesson that is filled with invaluable advice and powerful insights into the timeless Segovia legacy. Eliot Fisk's passion for teaching and his love for ... Read More

Tools for Musicianship

Matt Glaser
This three-hour audio download course will forever change the way you play your instrument or hear music. They are packed with fascinating information, important exercises and invaluable training techniques that will polish your musical skills and bring your playing to a higher level! Whether your preference is for folk, jazz, bluegrass, country, classical or rock, you will gain deeper musical ... Read More
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