Essential DADGAD for Beginners - Video 3

Artie Traum

New Ideas for Creative Playing

The late award-winning guitarist Artie Traum tuned his guitar to DADGAD almost exclusively, and on this lesson he shows you how this tuning enhances his powerful original songs and instrumentals. He covers fingerstyle jazz and blues techniques, chord formations, Celtic sounds, and invaluable tips for composing on the guitar. This lesson is perfect for the early-intermediate player who has already ... Read More

Essential DADGAD for Beginners - Three-Video Set

Artie Traum

Three Volume Set

These three complete download lessons make an easy introduction to DADGAD for those who are new to alternate tunings and want explore its unique sounds on the guitar. It brings beautiful progressions, unique chords, ringing open strings and rich tones to your playing. DADGAD will transform the way you play your guitar. It will help you improvise beautiful fingerstyle pieces ... Read More

Essential Riffs For Acoustic Guitar

Artie Traum
Here's a lesson that's packed with dozens of important licks, each one a time-tested musical phrase that will help you become a strong lead guitarist. Artie Traum starts so simply that even beginners can learn to play these riffs over a variety of chord changes and blues progressions. As the phrases get more advanced, you'll see how ... Read More

Fingerpicking Made Easy

Happy Traum
Fingerpicking guitar technique combines rhythmic basses with syncopated treble notes to create a wonderfully complex sound. Through his many years of teaching experience, Happy Traum has devised a course that will allow you to start fingerpicking folk, blues and country songs almost immediately by using pre-set "picking patterns" that you can learn by rote. This foolproof method in the use ... Read More

Guitar Chords and Progressions Package - Two-Video Set

Artie Traum, Pete Huttlinger

A Complete Guide to Chords and How To Use Them

Chords are the backbone of any guitarist's style, and it is imperative that you master them in all their forms. These two instructors each take a different approach to the subject, but together they will give you a solid grounding in your knowledge of chords and your ability to play them. Artie Traum has designed the perfect lesson for ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 1

Happy Traum

Barre Chords and How to Use Them

Barre chords are a vitally important part of your ability to move beyond the third fret, play solid rhythm in all keys and get a wide variety of sounds through chord inversions. On this easy lesson for near-beginners, Happy Traum de-mystifies these powerful chord shapes, providing tips on how to play them cleanly and easily. You'll learn basic chord ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 2

Happy Traum

Bass Runs and How to Use Them

Bass runs help provide a smooth and musically interesting transition as you change chords. They're especially useful in country, bluegrass and folk songs, often providing a harmony line to the sung melody. Learning to add bass runs to your chord progressions teaches you how to play the notes of the scale in several keys, and helps you develop good ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 3

Happy Traum

Instant Fingerpicking Success

The fingerpicking style is one of the most popular and engaging ways of playing the guitar. It's especially good for song accompaniment, and has been favored by folk, blues and country pickers, especially singer-songwriters such as James Taylor, Paul Simon, Shawn Colvin and Nanci Griffith.  This lesson de-mystifies the right-hand technique by breaking it down into patterns that ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 4

Happy Traum

Creating Easy Song Arrangements

The beauty of the guitar is not necessarily based on advanced and highly technical playing skills. Interesting and unusual arrangements can be created with very simple ideas, as long as you have some knowledge and an elementary understanding of the guitar. On this lesson, Happy takes some easy songs and shows you how to transform them into beautiful show pieces ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks: The Complete Four-Video Set

Happy Traum
Happy Traum created these easy, enjoyable lessons to help novice players learn essential guitar techniques, along with several songs to illustrate each subject. Great for beginning/intermediate guitarists who want to target specific areas for improvement. Student Review: "I would just like to let you know, I have been studying Guitar Building Blocks every evening for three hours and found ... Read More

How To Improvise Great Blues Solos With Just a Few Notes

Toby Walker

Homespun Single Song Lesson

“You don’t have to play a bazillion notes to sound really good. B. B. King could tear the house down with two or three notes.” - Toby Walker Every guitarist wants to be able to improvise an ear-catching solo in a blues jam and really say something. This lesson is as good a place to start as you’ll find anywhere ... Read More

Hymns, Spirituals and Sacred Songs - Lesson 1

Happy Traum

Fingerstyle Arrangements

Learn to play beautiful songs of faith taken from the folk, gospel and blues traditions and specifically arranged for beginning and intermediate guitarists. The pieces start at a very easy level but gradually advance in difficulty, so that by the end of the lesson even a relative novice will be able to play some fairly challenging material. Each song is ... Read More
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