Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Video 2

Pete Huttlinger

Guitar Accompaniments and Techniques

Pete Huttlinger's previous lesson on the songs and guitar styles of John Denver was one of the most popular titles we have ever produced. As John's former lead guitarist, Pete knows this music as well as anyone, and this time out he teaches seven more classic John Denver songs, detailing exactly how John himself played each of them ... Read More

Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Video 3

Pete Huttlinger

Guitar Accompaniments and Techniques

The first two volumes of this series  met with such enthusiasm from guitar playing fans of John Denver that it became clear that we had to continue with a third, and later a fourth, lesson. The late Pete Huttlinger's comprehensive understanding of John Denver's music, and his ability to communicate techniques to learning guitarists, have inspired innumerable players ... Read More

Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Video 4

Pete Huttlinger

Ten Songs by Special Request

Once again, Pete Huttlinger delves into the vast John Denver set list, this time choosing ten songs that have been requested by his enthusiastic "students." These are among the most beautiful treasures in the John Denver repertoire, and are a joy to learn and play. Pete uses his musical knowledge, teaching expertise and "insider's" insights as John's lead ... Read More

Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Four-Video Set

Pete Huttlinger
Get the Complete set and SAVE! Read More

Learning to Flatpick - Video 2

Steve Kaufman

Building Bluegrass Technique

Steve Kaufman helps you move beyond the basics and on to the next level of flatpicking technique. You'll be playing more smoothly in no time with Steve's clear and patient instructions. He helps you build your "runs vocabulary" and his crosspicking tips ( on upswing, continuity, tone, sustaining notes and timekeeping) are priceless. Learn how to build a flatpicking ... Read More

Learning to Flatpick - Video 3

Steve Kaufman

Developing Speed and Style

Move beyond the basics and get into the finer points of bluegrass flatpicking! You'll be jamming with the best of them once you've mastered the tunes and techniques on this final lesson in this series. Steve Kaufman broadens your musical vocabulary by focusing on the essentials of good picking techniques. You'll learn to play six classic fiddle ... Read More

Livingston Taylor's Excellent Guitar Lesson

Livingston Taylor
Livingston Taylor's unique playing has set the standard for beautiful guitar accompaniment for over two decades. A lively, charming and inspiring teacher, Livingston explores some of his most requested songs, showing how simple yet elegant chord positions and active bass lines can transform your material. If you've ever wondered how Livingston gets the beautiful harmonizations that typify the ... Read More

Mastering Thumbpicking with Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Virtuoso Pieces in the Styles of Doc Watson, Merle Travis, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed!

“The most amazing guy I know on the guitar. He can play anything I know, only better.” - Chet Atkins, CGP (music legend) “If you like my playing, you should hear Richard Smith! The world champion!”- Tommy Emmanuel, CGP (two-time Grammy nominee) When Richard Smith picks up a guitar, audiences watch in rapt amazement as his fingers dance over ... Read More

Pete Huttlinger's Wonderful World of Chords

Pete Huttlinger

A Video Library of Chord Shapes, Exercises and Progressions

Get ready to give your left hand a workout! Pete Huttlinger created a "video chord library" that's a must-have for every serious guitarist. This crash course is designed to show you all the important chords and fingerings you'll need, from the easiest shapes to some challenging finger-twisters. Pete developed a unique and effective study technique he calls "Say ... Read More

Picking Up Speed

Steve Kaufman

Drills and Tunes For Flatpick Guitarists

It's every bluegrass flatpicker's dream to be able to build up speed while maintaining good tone and timing. Now one of America's hottest players gives you the tools you need to get over the musical speed bumps -- without crashing and burning as you go. It's all a matter of getting your right- and left-hand mechanics working ... Read More

Rhythm In Your Riffs

Bob Brozman

Strums, Patterns, and Grooves for Acoustic Guitar

Bob Brozman's fascinating lesson will help acoustic guitarists of any style and genre look at the guitar in a whole new way. Bob explores the many aspects of rhythm guitar and what makes a good "groove." He helps you develop your coordination through a variety of drills, leading you in hand- and foot-tapping exercises so that accents, swing rhythm ... Read More

Seven Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar

Frederic Hand

Best known student pieces, fingerboarding and classical technique.

The beauty and romance of the classical guitar is brought home in this fascinating lesson by one of the world's top players. Frederic Hand applies the essential techniques that he demonstrated on his first Homespun video to gorgeous music that will be accessible to all guitarists...with practice. The seven works taught on this DVD are among the best-known ... Read More
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