How to Learn Guitar Parts from Recordings

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

12 Tips and Tools for All Players

LIMITED-TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER NOW GOOD THROUGH OCTOBER 10! You hear a compelling acoustic guitar part on a recording, and you want to learn to play it yourself. With so many options for chord shapes and note positions on the fretboard, as well as altered tunings, capos, and other variables, figuring out how to reproduce a recorded part can be a ... Read More

Mastering Your Scales - The Complete Course

Adam Traum

Adam Traum’s “Zone” Method of Fretboard Navigation

LIMITED-TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER NOW GOOD THROUGH OCTOBER 10! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitarist, understanding the entire fingerboard and knowing your scales are essential components of becoming a better player. This three-lesson set becomes your roadmap to soloing and improvisation. Adam integrates scale practice with basic theory, moveable chord shapes, and melodic ideas that you can use in ... Read More

Three Less-Known Blues Treasures

Adam Traum

Fingerpicking Classics by Tampa Red, Tommy Johnson and Jesse Fuller

Grab your guitar and dig into three great songs that will add cool licks and fingerpicking finesse to your blues repertoire. Adam Traum carefully takes you through the basics of each tune, then adds embellishments that will bring your playing to new levels. The up-tempo Tampa Red tune, Can’t Get That Stuff No More, out of the key of C ... Read More

Building Dynamic Solos

James Nash

"Call and Response” Ideas for Lead Guitar

James Nash is an engaging communicator who makes this lesson exciting from the first notes. He approaches soloing and improvisation using a powerful musical concept: “Call and response.” Referencing the scales and chord progressions of some familiar songs, James shows intermediate/advanced players how to build powerful and creative solos up and down the fretboard.  Opening with the classic ... Read More

A Guitarist's Guide to Solo Arranging and Performing

Steve Kaufman

10 Songs to Get Your Playing in Shape

You’ve been at the guitar for a while but now you want to get out and play at an open mic or even in a professional performance. You need to develop a set, get your playing chops together, build a repertoire and acquire the skills needed to get your songs and guitar instrumentals across to an audience. In two hours ... Read More

Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals - Video 1

Martin Simpson

Celtic Arrangements in Alternate Tunings

Learn Martin Simpson's most compelling arrangements, along with the guitar techniques that give his playing great distinction and popularity. Martin has pioneered the use of altered tunings to bring out the widest possible harmonic range of the guitar, and each of the songs on this video features that special sound. You'll learn three Scottish airs in dropped-D tuning ... Read More

Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals - Video 2

Martin Simpson

Creating Your Own Arrangements

Martin Simpson's compellingly beautiful music is evidence of his unique understanding of the guitar's possibilities. His impeccable tone and brilliant arrangements of Celtic, British and American guitar songs and instrumentals are widely admired but rarely mastered. On this powerful and revealing lesson, Martin explains how he arrives at his distinctive settings. He imparts invaluable instruction that will help ... Read More

Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals - Video 3

Martin Simpson

Developing Style & Repertoire

"His performances elicit powerful emotions and subtle, understated beauty. Sheer mastery of the acoustic guitar."-- Guitar Player Magazine Get ready to dig into more of Martin Simpson's beautiful and compelling guitar arrangements in alternate tunings. He begins his third lesson with Donal Ogg and My Generous Lover, tunes that highlight the richness of 'G sus.4' tuning. Betsy The ... Read More

Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals - Three Video Set

Martin Simpson

Arrangements, Style & Repertoire

In this comprehensive three-lesson set, Martin Simpson shows how he uses a variety of tunings to achieve a broad spectrum of musical and emotional effects. You'll learn his beautiful arrangements for Irish Airs, American banjo pieces, Scottish fiddle tunes and traditional English songs. While teaching these songs, Martin reveals his ideas about guitar musicianship and chord theory; how to ... Read More

An Intimate Lesson with Tony Rice

Tony Rice
This archival video lesson, originally recorded in 1984, brings the fabulous Tony Rice picking style up close and personal so you can clearly see what he's doing. Tony chose six songs and instrumentals to demonstrate a variety of styles and techniques, and he breaks them down carefully for the learning player. Throughout this 60-minute lesson you'll be able ... Read More

Arrangements for Solo Acoustic Guitar - Video 1

Pete Huttlinger

Lesson 1 - Instrumentals From a National Champion

When you hear the late Pete Huttlinger on recordings it's no mystery why he won the National Fingerpicking Competition in Winfield, Kansas, or why he became a powerful force in the acoustic guitar world. Pete's picking is clean, soulful and, at times, blazingly fast. Whether he plays his arrangement of a classic pop tune or one of his ... Read More

Arrangements for Solo Acoustic Guitar - Video 2

Pete Huttlinger

Lesson Two - More Instrumentals from a National Champion

Pete Huttlinger continues his exploration of the guitar arrangements that won him accolades throughout the acoustic guitar world - and a National Fingerstyle Championship! An engaging and accomplished instructor, Pete brings his spectacular playing to learning fingerstyle players with dramatic performance pieces that are as challenging as they are fun to learn. Pete starts out by teaching his Merle Travis-inspired chord ... Read More
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