A Six-Pack of Country Guitar Licks

Josh Yenne

For Telecaster and Other Electric Instruments

Plug in that electric guitar and start bending and sliding your way to country guitar prowess! Multi-instrumentalist session player Josh Yenne teaches six easy but useful licks on his Telecaster that will provide a great foundation for any aspiring country picker. Josh teaches three licks in A and three licks in E, accompanied by play-along tracks in both the “train ... Read More

Basic Licks and Classic Solos for Electric Blues Guitar

Jim Weider
Here's a lesson for players who know the basic chords and want to get started playing blues on the electric guitar. Jim Weider takes it from the top, and shows the easy way to get into playing authentic licks, riffs, rhythms and hot solos. You'll learn how to use slides, string bends, hammer-ons and a variety of vibrato ... Read More

Country Telecaster Virtuosity

Ray Flacke
Learn to play the electric guitar techniques that will add hot solos and powerful drive to any country or rock band! On this thrilling lesson, Ray Flacke teaches the mind-boggling licks that have made him highly sought-after for record dates, jingles and live gigs on the Nashville scene for more than thirty years. You'll learn double-stops, pedal steel-like string ... Read More

Easy Guide to Tuning Your Guitar

Happy Traum, John Sebastian

Secrets to Staying and Playing Perfectly in Tune

There is nothing more important to making good music than having your instrument play (and stay) perfectly in tune. An out-of-tune guitar can be a painful experience for you and your listeners alike, and tuning it up can be a frustrating and time-consuming process for new players. We feel that tuning should be learned right along with fretting, chording and ... Read More

Electric Country Blues - Two Video Set

Jim Weider
Mississippi Delta meets Memphis country and goes electric! The result: swampy blues riffs and progressions blended with the funky picking and string bends of modern country. Jim Weider has developed a powerful electric guitar sound based on this uniquely American style. He shows you how to play licks and solos in the Delta, Louisiana and Cajun-based tones influenced by James ... Read More

Electric Country Blues - Video 1

Jim Weider

Lesson One

Playing his vintage instruments and amps, Jim Weider teaches the powerful and important electric guitar styles that combine Mississippi Delta blues with the country music of Memphis and Nashville. This lesson contains a myriad of exercises and ideas, including right hand pick-and-finger technique; bass damping; speed work; string-bending; banjo-style rolls; shuffle and rockabilly rhythms and several great songs: Big Foot ... Read More

Electric Country Blues- Video 2

Jim Weider

Lesson Two

Blues triads, country blues rhythms, muting, string snapping, chicken pickin', string bending, harmonics and other techniques that changed the course of rock 'n' roll guitar! You'll learn the vibrato styles of B.B. King, the funky string snapping and bending of J. J. Cale, the open-string pull-offs and blues rhythms of Lonnie Mack, the meaty tone of Albert King ... Read More

Electric Guitar for Beginners - Two-Video Set

Adam Traum

Two Video Set

Get started playing electric guitar - and have fun doing it! The key to success on a new instrument is motivation, and these two lessons will have you making cool music immediately - inspiring you (or your kids) to practice and improve quickly. Lesson 1 gets you familiar with your instrument and shows how to tune up, get good tone, hold the ... Read More

Electric Guitar for Beginners - Video One

Adam Traum

DVD One: Getting Started

Get started playing electric guitar and have fun doing it! The key to success on a new instrument is motivation, and this lesson has you making cool music immediately - inspiring you (or your kids) to practice and improve quickly. After introducing you to the parts of the instrument and demonstrating how to tune up, get good tone, hold the pick ... Read More

Electric Guitar for Beginners - Video Two

Adam Traum

DVD Two: Expanding Your Skills

Continue building your skills and techniques on the electric guitar. Adam Traum brings novice players directly into the world of blues and rock styles with this exciting, easy to follow lesson. He provides invaluable advice and important information while teaching pick technique, chord shapes, "strike and slides," blues scales, licks and powerful soloing ideas. He shows you how authentic lead ... Read More

Electric Guitar for Kids - DVD 2

Pete Kennedy, Marcy Marxer

Really Playing!

Turn it on, tune it up and start playing! Now that all the basics have been covered, it's time for kids to move on to grooves and techniques that really rock. Pete Kennedy and Marcy Marxer bring the fun up several notches as they guide young guitarists through important new levels of skills and musical development, including barre chords ... Read More

Electric Guitar for Kids - Two video Set

Marcy Marxer, Pete Kennedy
Video One: Getting Started Here's the coolest way ever to learn to play an electric guitar! These fun, easy to use play-along lessons will teach budding players the music fundamentals, from holding and tuning the guitar to playing rhythm grooves, forming chords and even making up their own rock solos. There's plenty of opportunity to jam right along ... Read More
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