Mastering Thumbpicking with Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Virtuoso Pieces in the Styles of Doc Watson, Merle Travis, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed!

“The most amazing guy I know on the guitar. He can play anything I know, only better.” - Chet Atkins, CGP (music legend) “If you like my playing, you should hear Richard Smith! The world champion!”- Tommy Emmanuel, CGP (two-time Grammy nominee) When Richard Smith picks up a guitar, audiences watch in rapt amazement as his fingers dance over ... Read More

Mike Dowling Plays Blues in Open G

Mike Dowling


Mike Dowling, a blues guitar master and a Homespun instructor who is a perennial favorite, plays an improvisational groove using Open G tuning. His steady thumb and laid back style are a pleasure to watch in this outtake from his most recent Homespun video, "Mike Dowling's Roadmap to Creative Guitar Arranging." We hope you enjoy this free download that ... Read More

Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night 2000

Muriel Anderson, Thom Bresh, Michael Chapdelaine, Seymour Duncan, Nokie Edwards, Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Fairclough, Buster B. Jones, Stanley Jordan, Laurence Juber, Stan Lassiter, Brent Mason, Preston Reed and Mitch Watkins

Concert 2000

Featuring Muriel Anderson, Thom Bresh, Michael Chapdelaine, Seymour Duncan, Nokie Edwards, Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Fairclough, Buster B. Jones, Stanley Jordan, Laurence Juber, Stan Lassiter, Brent Mason, Preston Reed and Mitch Watkins. With Eddie Bayers, Drums; Michael Rhodes, Bass; John Hobbs, Keyboards; Tom Roady, Percussion. Muriel Anderson's world-class guitar events bring top players together for what are always powerful musical ... Read More

My Instructional Tribute to Chet Atkins

Steve Wariner

Guitar Thumb-Picking, Musicianship and Technique

The legendary Chet Atkins conferred the initials "c.g.p." (Certified Guitar Picker) on only five players. One of those to be so honored was his close friend and picking buddy, Steve Wariner. On this richly detailed lesson, the multiple GRAMMY-winning country music star pays heartfelt tribute to his mentor. He teaches ear-catching original compositions and finger-challenging arrangements that incorporate ... Read More

Rainer's Blues Picking School

Rainer Brunn

A Complete Method To Get You Started

This course is different than anything that we have offered before, and we know that all aspiring blues pickers will love it. Rainer Brunn, one of Homespun’s most popular instructors, has developed this course of study based on his love of traditional American blues guitar styles as well as his long experience as a guitar educator. We are proud to ... Read More

Richard Thompson Teaches Traditional Guitar Instrumentals - Book/Audio

Richard Thompson
In this terrific instructional package, Richard Thompson, one of the most brilliant and innovative guitarists of our time, teaches the intricacies of his unique guitar style through the analysis and breakdown of traditional English, Scottish and Irish instrumentals. You’ll learn to play his arrangements of eight superb dance tunes, chosen from his vast repertoire and covering a variety of rhythmic ... Read More

Right Hand Training for Fingerstyle Guitar

Josh Yenne

Methodical Exercises For Your Picking Hand

Having good picking-hand technique is an indispensable tool for all acoustic guitar players. Its proper use can create beautiful accompaniments and ear catching instrumental solos. Josh Yenne’s training session provides aspiring guitarists with a solid fingerstyle foundation that opens up all kinds of exciting possibilities. It can be used by beginning players or by those who are more experienced and ... Read More

Rory Block Teaches Classics Of Country Blues Guitar

Rory Block
W.C. Handy award-winner Rory Block is one of the most knowledgeable and talented exponents of Delta blues styles, and here she teaches the authentic techniques of the original blues masters -- the tunings, the right-hand pounding, the string bending, the complex fingerpicking, the syncopation -- breaking down and then performing her instrumental and vocal versions of eight timeless fingerstyle pieces in ... Read More

Shenandoah - A Single Song Download

Happy Traum

An Easy Fingerstyle Exploration of an American Classic

"Shenandoah" is among the best-loved traditional songs in the American repertoire. It has been sung and recorded by countless artists in styles from folk to bluegrass to classical. This lovely arrangement for solo guitar will delight novice and intermediate fingerstyle players who are looking to build fingerboard technique while developing a methodolgy for creating instrumental pieces using the compelling sounds of dropped ... Read More

Sitting On Top of the World

Toby Walker

A Country Blues Tune in Dropped D

“Sitting On Top of the World” has been played and sung many ways through the years, from its earliest string band rendition by the Mississippi Sheiks to versions by artists as diverse as Doc Watson, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins and innumerable others. There’s even a version by the heavy rock band Cream! This one, played and ... Read More

Six Outstanding Fingerpicking Arrangements

Chris Smither
Chris Smither's foot-tapping, high-groove guitar style and blues-inflected songs have kept him in the top ranks of singer/songwriters for four decades. On this lesson he shows you how he uses his alternating thumb and syncopated two-finger picking, along with a variety of left hand techniques, to create the rhythmic drive and distinctive harmonies that distinguish his unique arrangements ... Read More

Slide Guitar of Kelly Joe Phelps

Kelly Joe Phelps

Techniques, Arrangements and Improvisation

Kelly Joe Phelps is a singer and guitarist with depth, range and amazing technique. His smoky voice and intricate, subtle guitar work infuse his songs with soul and honesty, his own tunes as effortlessly authentic as the classics he performs so well.  Kelly Joe plays with his guitar flat on his lap Dobro style, picking, sliding and using his ... Read More
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