Flatpicking Banjo Tunes

Steve Kaufman

A Guitarist's Guide to Hot Soloing

Many of the most exciting tunes in the bluegrass repertoire originate with the five-string banjo. In a typical jam session or stage performance, though, each instrument takes the lead in turn- including the guitar. When it's time for you to take a solo, will you know what to play? This lesson is your answer! Master instructor and flatpicking great ... Read More

Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes

Dan Crary
Learn to play more than twenty great fiddle tunes on guitar from one of America's greatest flatpickers. Dan Crary slows down those lightning-fast licks and explains the fine points of pick technique, learning fiddle tunes from records, playing in closed positions and providing many other invaluable insights. Songs: Black Mountain Rag, Julie's Reel, Blackberry Blossom, Dill Pickle Rag ... Read More

Flatpicking Through the Holidays

Steve Kaufman

Easy Songs for Every Occasion

Steve Kaufman has come up with another winner! He has chosen eleven well-known and much-loved songs, each one associated with an important season or holiday. This lesson was made especially for beginning and early-intermediate level players. Most of the songs are easy enough to play almost immediately, but Steve throws in enough material to challenge you and, with some practicing ... Read More

Flatpicking with Doc

Doc Watson
Here is a rare opportunity to go one-on-one with one of the premier flatpickers of our time. Doc Watson has influenced a generation of pickers, from Clarence White to Tony Rice. This lesson is devoted to teaching intermediate-level players the intricacies of Doc's unique flatpicking style. Doc sits down with Steve Kaufman, a top-notch flatpicker in his own right ... Read More

Get Started on Bluegrass and Country Guitar!

Steve Kaufman

A Complete Lesson for Beginners

Every guitarist has to begin somewhere, and Steve Kaufman, one of the world’s most experienced guitar instructors, gets you started the right way. No previous experience is necessary. All you need is this lesson plus an instrument, a flatpick, and the desire to play. Within minutes, Steve shows you how to tune up, hold the pick, press the strings to ... Read More

Great Guitar Lessons: Bluegrass Flatpicking

Norman Blake, Russ Barenberg, Happy Traum, Dan Crary, Steve Kaufman, Tony Rice, Nick Forster

Bluegrass Flatpicking

This terrific compilation features basic to advanced lessons from some of Homespun's most celebrated pickers. After Happy Traum gives an overview of flatpicking, you'll become familiar with each instructor's teaching and playing style and expand your own guitar technique, as you master several complete tunes. Happy Traum - "Wildwood Flower" (new lesson) Nick Forster - Texas style back-up for ... Read More

Great Guitar Lessons Special Package

Roy Book Binder, Chris Proctor,Norman Blake,Tony Rice, Nick Forster

Great Flatpicking, Blues & Country, Fingerstyle

All three guitar lesson compilations for the low package price of $59.95 - SAVE $15! These three terrific compilations feature lessons at all levels, from basic to advanced, taken from the DVDs of some of Homespun's most celebrated pickers. BLUEGRASS FLATPICKING After Happy Traum gives an overview of flatpicking for those just starting out, you'll become familiar with ... Read More

Happy Traum's Flatpicking Guitar Method

Happy Traum

Getting Started in Bluegrass and Country Styles

This user-friendly, comprehensive beginner's audio series takes the novice player from the simplest basic chords and rhythm accompaniments to melody playing, bluegrass licks, runs, improvised solos, fiddle tunes and breakdowns. Homespun founder and owner Happy Traum's easy-going, well-structured lessons teach you more than two dozen songs and instrumentals, and will provide all the groundwork to prepare you for ... Read More

Happy Traum Teaches Songs of Woody Guthrie

Happy Traum

Six Arrangements for Acoustic Guitar

Songwriter, poet, artist, and political rebel - Woody Guthrie remains one of the most beloved figures in the folk music revival. He continues to have a huge influence on just about every folk and traditional musician playing today, among them Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Jerry Garcia and, of course, Woody's son, Arlo. Many of his songs have become ... Read More

How I Play (Some of) My Favorite Songs

Tom Rush

10 Easy-to-Play Classics

Tom Rush has always had an uncanny knack for finding - and writing -wonderful songs, many of which have continued to be played and re-interpreted by new generations of musicians. Play along with him as he personally teaches you ten of the memorable songs and guitar arrangements that have long made him one of America's most beloved performers. You'll ... Read More

Hymns for Guitar

Pete Huttlinger
Traditional hymns, with their resonant melodies, rich harmonic structures and deep messages of faith and inspiration, have been joyfully passed down through the ages. Guitar virtuoso and renowned teacher Pete Huttlinger has taken seven carefully chosen pieces and has arranged them for intermediate fingerstyle guitarists. These beautiful songs of faith can be played in family gatherings, worship services, solo performances ... Read More

Lead Guitar Breaks For Bluegrass Songs

Steve Kaufman
One of the most frequent questions we get is "What do I do when it's time to take a solo in a bluegrass song?" If you're ready to acquire all the skills needed to step out and take a break, Steve Kaufman's lesson is tailor-made for you! Steve is joined by veteran singer and guitarist, the late ... Read More
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