Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Four-Video Set

Pete Huttlinger
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Learn To Play the Songs of John Denver - Video 1

Pete Huttlinger

Guitar Accompaniments and Techniques

John Denver is remembered as one of the most beloved figures in the history of American popular music. He was an accomplished singer, songwriter and guitar player as well as a committed social activist, humanitarian and environmentalist. The spare, deceptively simple accompaniments he devised for his many hit songs gave each one a memorable sound that continues to ring in ... Read More

Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Video 2

Pete Huttlinger

Guitar Accompaniments and Techniques

Pete Huttlinger's previous lesson on the songs and guitar styles of John Denver was one of the most popular titles we have ever produced. As John's former lead guitarist, Pete knows this music as well as anyone, and this time out he teaches seven more classic John Denver songs, detailing exactly how John himself played each of them ... Read More

Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Video 3

Pete Huttlinger

Guitar Accompaniments and Techniques

The first two volumes of this series  met with such enthusiasm from guitar playing fans of John Denver that it became clear that we had to continue with a third, and later a fourth, lesson. The late Pete Huttlinger's comprehensive understanding of John Denver's music, and his ability to communicate techniques to learning guitarists, have inspired innumerable players ... Read More

Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Video 4

Pete Huttlinger

Ten Songs by Special Request

Once again, Pete Huttlinger delves into the vast John Denver set list, this time choosing ten songs that have been requested by his enthusiastic "students." These are among the most beautiful treasures in the John Denver repertoire, and are a joy to learn and play. Pete uses his musical knowledge, teaching expertise and "insider's" insights as John's lead ... Read More

Learn to Sing Western Harmony

Riders in the Sky
Sing along with Riders in the Sky as they pass along a magnificent American vocal music tradition. In the lighthearted, humorous manner that has endeared them to millions of fans, Ranger Doug, Too Slim and Woody Paul, with the help of Joey ("the Cowpolka King") Miskulin, show you how to sing your favorite cowboy, folk and country songs in beautiful ... Read More

Livingston Taylor's Excellent Guitar Lesson

Livingston Taylor
Livingston Taylor's unique playing has set the standard for beautiful guitar accompaniment for over two decades. A lively, charming and inspiring teacher, Livingston explores some of his most requested songs, showing how simple yet elegant chord positions and active bass lines can transform your material. If you've ever wondered how Livingston gets the beautiful harmonizations that typify the ... Read More

McGuinn/Taylor/Rush 3-Video Value Pack

Roger McGuinn, Livingston Taylor, Tom Rush

Learn From Three of Our Greatest Singer/Songwriter/Guitarists and Save!

Tom Rush has always had an uncanny knack for finding - and writing -wonderful songs, many of which have continued to be played and re-interpreted by new generations of musicians. Play along with him as he personally teaches you ten of the memorable songs and guitar arrangements that have long made him one of America's most beloved performers. You'll ... Read More


Adam Traum

A Classic Folksong

“The Moonshiner” is a favorite traditional song that has been recorded by the Clancy Brothers, Tex Ritter, Bob Dylan, the Punch Brothers, Uncle Tupelo and innumerable other artists and groups through the years. Adam Traum has made an enjoyable and very accessible arrangement of this folk standard that can be played (and sung) by acoustic guitarists as a solo piece ... Read More

Peggy Seeger Teaches Guitar Accompaniment

Peggy Seeger

Guitar Accompaniment for Folk Songs, Ballads and Originals

Peggy Seeger’s unique and compelling guitar accompaniments have become a trademark sound during her successful and highly influential career.  This fascinating two-hour lesson draws on Peggy’s vast repertoire of traditional and original songs and her impeccable ear for just the right nuance to create and embellish an arrangement.  Peggy addresses a variety of accompaniment styles: Carter Family strumming ... Read More

"Ripple" - A Grateful Dead Classic

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

A Single-Song Download-only Lesson

Here's one of the Grateful Dead's most beloved songs, arranged with great accuracy by an acknowledged expert on their music. It should be easy enough for even novice players to master, while more experienced guitarists will find lots in this simple song to embellish on. Playing with a flatpick, Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers takes it slow and easy with ... Read More

Roger McGuinn's Basic Folk Guitar

Roger McGuinn

Easy Arrangements for Traditional Favorites from the Folk Den

Roger McGuinn brings his love of folk guitar to novice and intermediate players, providing a solid repertoire of classic songs as well as the basic techniques needed to play them. Putting his trademark 12-string guitar aside, he uses a six-string acoustic to show you the chord progressions, bass runs, and special licks that make his arrangements distinctive. You'll be ... Read More
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