Practice Techniques for All Musicians

Daniel Abrams
Are your hours of practice bringing results? Daniel Abrams teaches breathing exercises to reduce unnecessary tension and energy loss, good playing habits, and how to take a piece of music apart to overcome difficult passages. He also teaches basic theory, how to use scales, arpeggio fingerings and exercises, and gives tips that will help you to improvise freely and to ... Read More

Practicing and Performing

Daniel Abrams

A Pianist's Guide

Practice for results and perform with confidence! World-renowned concert pianist and composer Daniel Abrams shows players of all levels and styles how to get maximum results from minimum time spent at the keyboard. Relaxation, inspiration, breathing, focus, attitude and interpretation are covered, as well as more traditional topics like phrasing, scales, wrist action, pedaling and understanding chords. You'll learn ... Read More

Put Your Hands on the Piano and Play!

Daniel Abrams

A Beginner's Guide to Piano and Musicianship!

Even if you've never touched a keyboard, you'll be playing piano before the first hour of this wonderful course is over. By the end of these six lessons you'll have started playing in classical, blues and pop styles, and will have learned the basics of note reading, rhythmic training, phrasing, dynamics and the ear training necessary to ... Read More

Understanding the Language of Music

Daniel Abrams
Concert pianist Daniel Abrams punctuates his spoken remarks with numerous musical examples (played on piano, organ and harpsichord), and imparts insights that will be invaluable for musicians and non-players who seek to broaden their appreciation of all musical forms. You''ll learn how music is constructed, how it developed, the meaning of musical terms and how to use this knowledge ... Read More