Fingerpicking Made Easy

Happy Traum
Fingerpicking guitar technique combines rhythmic basses with syncopated treble notes to create a wonderfully complex sound. Through his many years of teaching experience, Happy Traum has devised a course that will allow you to start fingerpicking folk, blues and country songs almost immediately by using pre-set "picking patterns" that you can learn by rote. This foolproof method in the use ... Read More

Fingerstyle Arrangements for Six Blues, Country and Folk Songs

Happy Traum

From His Acclaimed CD "Just For the Love of It"

These songs and instrumentals will challenge, delight and inspire learning guitarists looking for new techniques and fresh repertoire. Happy teaches two traditional blues; a timeless cowboy song; an instrumental version of a great country/pop classic and more. Each song demonstrates important styles and techniques that will add depth and finesse to your playing.  • Careless Love Blues and ... Read More

Five-String Banjo For Beginners

Happy Traum
The emphasis of this easy, hands-on lesson is on traditional folk picking styles and song accompaniment, and almost anyone can do it. Newcomers to the five-string banjo will be playing and singing along with Happy Traum within minutes! Happy starts with the basics - how to hold and tune your banjo - then quickly moves on to teach basic chords along with ... Read More

Gospel Guitar

Happy Traum

Ten Easy Songs of Spirit and Faith

Here are ten carefully chosen traditional spirituals, hymns and bluegrass gospel songs that any beginner or early-intermediate player will enjoy learning. These beautiful songs have been specifically arranged to help you expand your repertoire of folk/gospel material while developing knowledge, technique and skill on your guitar. The songs have been designed so that you'll gain experience with basic ... Read More

Great Guitar Lessons: Bluegrass Flatpicking

Norman Blake, Russ Barenberg, Happy Traum, Dan Crary, Steve Kaufman, Tony Rice, Nick Forster

Bluegrass Flatpicking

This terrific compilation features basic to advanced lessons from some of Homespun's most celebrated pickers. After Happy Traum gives an overview of flatpicking, you'll become familiar with each instructor's teaching and playing style and expand your own guitar technique, as you master several complete tunes. Happy Traum - "Wildwood Flower" (new lesson) Nick Forster - Texas style back-up for ... Read More

Great Guitar Lessons - Blues and Country Fingerpicking

Eddie Adcock, Roy Book Binder, Doc Watson, John Jackson, Thom Bresh, Rory Block, Happy Traum

Blues & Country Fingerpicking

This terrific compilation features basic to advanced lessons from some of Homespun's most celebrated pickers. You'll become familiar with each instructor's teaching and playing style, and expand your own guitar technique, as you master several complete tunes. Happy Traum - "John Henry" (new lesson); John Jackson - "Louis Collins" (The Fingerpicking Blues Of John Jackson); Rory Block - "Fixin' To ... Read More

Guitar For The Absolute Beginner

Happy Traum
Here is a complete course that will have you playing your guitar in minutes. You'll learn all the basic chords and important picking and strumming techniques, and will be singing and playing more than a dozen songs - right from the first lesson! Happy Traum, one of the world's most experienced guitar teachers, has carefully designed this hands-on, step-by-step ... Read More

*Happy and Artie Traum CD

Happy Traum, Artie Traum
Slice of Life Records in Kyoto, Japan has just released the first new Happy & Artie CD in many years! "Live Recordings 1970s-1980s" is a compilation of shows recorded back in those days at various venues around the U.S., plus three that we recorded in 2005 especially for this disk. The 19-song list features several original songs from that ... Read More

Happy Traum's Basic Guitar Lessons, Omnibus edition

Happy Traum
This best-selling series of four books, published for the first time in one volume, teaches note reading, music theory and guitar technique in a clear, progressive program. It can be used by the student alone or along with a music teacher, and features duets, quizzes, exercises, illustrations, reviews and dozens of musical pieces. For both finger and pick styles. (Accompanying ... Read More

Happy Traum's Complete Fingerpicking Guitar Method

Happy Traum
These six hours of listening will teach you how to pick out syncopated melodies while maintaining a steady rhythmic bass pattern in the styles of Merle Travis, Elizabeth Cotten, John Hurt and others. Even students who have never done this kind of picking before will be improvising fingerpicking solos by the end of this series! Songs: John Henry, Sugar Babe ... Read More

Happy Traum's Flatpicking Guitar Method

Happy Traum

Getting Started in Bluegrass and Country Styles

This user-friendly, comprehensive beginner's audio series takes the novice player from the simplest basic chords and rhythm accompaniments to melody playing, bluegrass licks, runs, improvised solos, fiddle tunes and breakdowns. Homespun founder and owner Happy Traum's easy-going, well-structured lessons teach you more than two dozen songs and instrumentals, and will provide all the groundwork to prepare you for ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks: The Complete Four-Video Set

Happy Traum
Happy Traum created these easy, enjoyable lessons to help novice players learn essential guitar techniques, along with several songs to illustrate each subject. Great for beginning/intermediate guitarists who want to target specific areas for improvement. Student Review: "I would just like to let you know, I have been studying Guitar Building Blocks every evening for three hours and found ... Read More
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