Keola Beamer Teaches Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

Keola Beamer
Here's the perfect introduction to "slack key," a picking style in traditional alternate tunings that's a cross between country fingerpicking and classical guitar. The music, which can be played on any guitar, has a lush sound that is instantly evocative of the islands of the Pacific.Keola Beamer, a member of one of Hawaii's most illustrious musical ... Read More
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The Art of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

Keola Beamer
The beauty and elegance of Hawaiian slack key guitar is becoming increasingly popular, and Keola Beamer, one of the contemporary masters of the style, provides the perfect introduction to this music. His lush fingerpicking and evocative songs will add new sounds and flavors to your repertoire. Keola has chosen seven traditional and original compositions to give you an overview of ... Read More
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