Swing Guitar - 3 CDs + Music/Tab Book

Marcy Marxer

A Guide to Chords, Rhythm and Repertoire

It's now easier than ever to learn the chord positions, progressions, substitutions and rhythms for playing western swing, jazz classics and back-ups for Texas-style fiddle tunes. Marcy's practical, hands-on approach will teach you to play hot rhythm to any swing tune you hear, even if you don't read music. She takes you step-by-step through the most common ... Read More

The Kids Guitar Special

Marcy Marxer
The Kids' Guitar Special includes:Kids' Guitar Lessons by Marcy Marxer:These two lessons are a great way to get your child into the joys of music. The whole family will be playing together in no time!Lesson One: Play In Ten Easy Lessons!Children (and their parents and teachers) will be delighted with this lively, fun-filled, easy-to-follow video guitar ... Read More

Ukulele for Kids - DVD One - Play in Ten Easy Lessons

Marcy Marxer
This lively, fun-filled lesson shows kids everything they need to start making music on the ukulele. With its small body and fingerboard, the uke is a perfect starter instrument for young people. Marcy Marxer teaches the parts of the instrument and how to hold it and tune it up -- then it's right into the first song! Ginger (a large ... Read More

Ukulele for Kids - DVD Two- The Next Ten Lessons

Marcy Marxer
Marcy and Ginger present five new chords and a variety of strumming techniques. On-screen chord charts, graphics and lyrics make understanding the chords, and learning to sing and play the songs, easy and fun. Songs: Shortenin' Bread, Buffalo Gals, When The Saints Go Marching In,Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Hukilau, I've Been Working On The Railroad, Muffin Man, Hush ... Read More

Ukulele for Kids - Two-DVD Set

Marcy Marxer
The uke is a perfect starter instrument because of its small body and fingerboard. BUY THE COMPLETE SET AND SAVE! These lively, child-friendly lessons show kids that making music is satisfying, fun and easy as Marcy and Ginger (a large, lovable dog puppet) prepare them for a lifetime of musical enjoyment! Lesson One (55-minutes): Play In Ten Easy Lessons! This ... Read More
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