Singing! Basic Vocal Technique

Penny Nichols
This course will benefit anyone who likes to sing! Whether it's rock and roll, bluegrass, folk, pop or show tunes, these lessons are guaranteed to increase your vocal range, tone, power and stamina. Through essential relaxation and warm-up exercises, Penny Nichols helps you to develop breath control, articulation, volume and projection. You'll improve your ear as well as ... Read More
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You Can Sing!

Penny Nichols
Many of us, for one reason or another, think we can't sing, or have trouble singing in tune. This DVD is an encouraging and enjoyable lesson that will turn "listeners" into singers. Penny Nichols, a professional singer and educator, teaches pitch perception and basic music theory, and helps you break down your inhibitions. Includes relaxation exercises, visualizing a melody ... Read More
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