Classical Guitar and Beyond

Stephen Funk Pearson
Here's a complete course in classical guitar on six one-hour CDs. Designed both for novices and experienced guitarists, these lessons will help you improve your musicianship, build your technique, and enhance your musical understanding. Guitarist Stephen Funk Pearson teaches you to play expressive, beautiful guitar pieces right from the first lesson. As you play through these easy-to-use instructional CDs ... Read More
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Guitar Tuning Using Harmonics

Stephen Funk Pearson
Learn to play harmonics, then train your ear to hear the undulating beats that occur between strings that are not perfectly in tune. Steve takes an obviously out-of-tune guitar and demonstrates how he can end up with a perfectly tuned instrument. For the beginner on classical, steel-string, acoustic or electric guitar, all of the basics are fully explained. Advanced players ... Read More
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