Get Started on the Mandolin!

Steve Kaufman

A Complete Lesson for Beginners

Here’s the perfect way to get started playing the mandolin! Even if you have never played the instrument before, Steve Kaufman’s step-by-step lesson shows you how to tune up, hold your instrument and play your first chords and songs. You'll be playing Down in the Valley, Amazing Grace, Will the Circle Be Unbroken and Blue Ridge Cabin Home before ... Read More

Great Mandolin Lessons

Jesse McReynolds, Ronnie McCoury,Tim O'Brien, Sam Bush, Norman Blake, Steve James, Chris Thile, Mike Marshall, Butch Baldassari

Learn from Nine Master Players

The nine lessons on this DVD represent mandolin instruction at its very best. Each segment, taught by a master of the instrument, has been chosen to give learning players new techniques, tunes and musical insights. The styles taught include bluegrass, old-time, Celtic, blues and contemporary "new acoustic," and will enrich the repertoire of any mandolin enthusiast. The lessons start at ... Read More

Jazz Mandolin - Six CDs + Music/Tab Book

Andy Statman

From Bill Monroe to BeBop

This in-depth mandolin method takes you beyond bluegrass and into the fascinating realm jazz improvisation. Starting with an exploration of Bill Monroe's blues-tinged bluegrass style, Andy Statman guides you through a variety of scales, modes, riffs, chord progressions and substitutions. In addition to teaching his own techniques, he shows you, in detail, how to improvise bebop, swing and contemporary ... Read More

John McGann's Rhythm Mandolin

John McGann

From Bluegrass to Celtic to Swing

AVAILABLE BY DOWNLOAD ONLY Rhythm is at the core of making good music and is 90% of what you do when you play with other musicians. This download will introduce you to the broad range of rhythmic approaches available to mandolin players from the chop of bluegrass to the textural weave of Celtic music to the joy of swing comping. Topics ... Read More

John McGann's Sound Fundamentals

John McGann

Touch, Tone and Technique for Mandolin

Musicians who are known for having great tone and technique understand that a thorough command of each individual component allows them to produce a large pallet of tones in the most comfortable and efficient manner. Learn the secrets to improving your own touch, tone and technique from one of the world’s finest mandolinists. Topics include: Getting comfortable, pick choice and ... Read More

John McGann's Sound Fundamentals + Rhythm Mandolin

John McGann

Two-Download Set

AVAILABLE BY DOWNLOAD ONLY John McGann’s Sound Fundamentals: Touch, Tone & Technique for Mandolin All Levels - Includes PDF File of Music Transcriptions Musicians who are known for having great tone and technique understand that a thorough command of each individual component allows them to produce a large pallet of tones in the most comfortable and efficient manner. Learn the ... Read More

Kid on the Mountain Single Download

Tim O'Brien

Learn To Play Blues Mandolin - DVD 1

Steve James
In the early days of the last century, the mandolin gained popularity both as a blues instrument and as the backbone of the early African American string bands. Several of these groups added mandolin to guitars, banjos, fiddles, jugs and kazoos to play energetic and heart-felt renditions of blues and ragtime songs. Bluegrass players, from Bill Monroe onward, incorporated blues ... Read More

Learn To Play Blues Mandolin - DVD 2

Steve James
Get bluesy on the mandolin. Steve James brings you more of the funky, old-time songs and sounds that made his previous instructional DVD on this instrument so popular. Aiming his lesson at early intermediate players, Steve covers the keys of G and C, introducing blues scales, chord patterns, walking lines, arpeggios, accompaniments and variations that will help you get further ... Read More

Learn To Play Blues Mandolin - Two-Video Set

Steve James
These two DVDs will give you a great start in getting the funky sounds of traditional blues mandolin. Good for beginners and intermediate players. DVD 1: Mandolin novices will start out by learning a basic G scale and how to alter it to create a blues scale. After demonstrating his pick strokes and tremolo technique, Steve dives right into Divin ... Read More

Mandolin Adventures 3-DVD Value Pack

Norman Blake, Steve James, Tim O'Brien

Get Three DVDs and SAVE!

The mandolin is a beautiful and soulful instrument, and since its centuries-old origins in Italy has been used for many kinds of music. Although primarily known in America for its applications in bluegrass music, wonderful musical adventures await those who take their mandolin playing into other genres. This "bundle" includes: • Norman Blake's melody-rich old-time tunes and original compositions ... Read More

Mandolin Hymns

Butch Baldassari
Learn to play Butch Baldassari's renditions of fifteen stirring and uplifting traditional hymns by following along with the music and tablature. The CD features Butch Baldassari on mandolin, mandola and octave mandolin, accompanied by some of the luminaries of the Nashville bluegrass scene. Fiddlers Stuart Duncan, Aubry Haynie and Andrea Zonn, guitarist Robert Bowlin, bassists Dennis Crouch and Mike ... Read More
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