The Mandolin and Bouzouki of Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien

Playing Celtic, Bluegrass and Contemporary Songs

Tim O'Brien's artistry is unique, crossing boundaries between bluegrass, old time, Irish, country and folk music styles. His heartfelt singing, instrumental virtuosity and profound songwriting have put him at the very pinnacle of today's acoustic performers. Tim O'Brien's course will be a boon to mandolin and bouzouki (octave mandolin) players who want to improve their ... Read More

The Mandolin of Bill Monroe - Two-Video Set

Bill Monroe, Sam Bush, John Hartford
On this instructional and entertaining session, the "father of bluegrass" discusses and demonstrates the instrumental techniques which have changed the course of American music. On Lesson 1, Bill Monroe plays twenty-seven great tunes (some recorded here for the first time), including favorites such as "Rawhide," "Wheel Hoss," "Tennessee Blues," "Dusty Miller," "Roanoke," "Pike Country Breakdown," "Blue Grass Stomp,"Get Up ... Read More

The Mandolin of Bill Monroe - VIdeo 1

John Hartford, Bill Monroe

One-On-One with the Master

The legendary "Father of Bluegrass" demonstrates the amazing mandolin technique and repertoire that have made him world famous. He plays over 25 great tunes (some never heard before), including favorites such as:  Rawhide, Wheel Hoss, Muleskinner Blues, Tennessee Blues, Dusty Miller, Roanoke, Back to the Old Home, Pike County Breakdown, Blue Grass Stomp, Get Up John, Katie Hill, Memories ... Read More

The Mandolin of Bill Monroe - Video 2

Sam Bush, Bill Monroe

A Detailed Analysis By Sam Bush

This hands-on teaching tool was produced especially for the player who wantsto master Bill Monroe's powerful mandolin technique. Veteran bluegrass musician Sam Bush dissects sixteen pieces as played by Bill Monroe on his ground-breaking lesson, taking them apart in note-for-note detail. Split screens and close-ups, as well as replays of Monroe's demonstrations, aid the learning process and make ... Read More

The Mandolin of Norman Blake

Norman Blake

Traditional and Original Tunes and Techniques

Before there was bluegrass there were fiddle tunes, mostly brought to these shores from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Norman and Nancy Blake teach beautiful, little-known old-time and original instrumentals in the Celtic and Southern mountain tradition. All of the tunes presented here will be easy to learn by intermediate-level mandolinists. Norman and Nancy Blake have chosen hauntingly beautiful mandolin ... Read More

The Sam Bush Mandolin Method

Sam Bush
This terrific two-part series will help aspiring mandolin players improve technical prowess, build repertoire and develop formidable musicianship. Sam teaches traditional fiddle tunes Ragtime Annie, Bile Them Cabbage Down, Blackberry Blossom and Sally Goodin, showing you how to create variations on the melodies, use drone strings for fiddle-like effects, employ crosspicking techniques for a smoother sound and move up the ... Read More

Thirty Fiddle Tunes for the Mandolin

Butch Baldassari
These thirty classic fiddle tunes will add depth to your mandolin repertoire, and increase your technical profiency on the instrument so you can jam with confidence. Butch plays each piece both slowly and up-to-speed, and provides rhythm tracks (with mandolin and guitar) which allow for instant practice sessions, anytime. Songs: St. Anne's Reel, Fisher's Hornpipe, Whiskey Before Breakfast ... Read More

You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin - Two-Video Set

Butch Baldassari

Lessons One and Two

The late Butch Baldassari will have you playing your mandolin in minutes with his easy, hands-on, beginner's lessons. He covers all you need to know to get the bell-like high notes and percussive back-beat that are the signature sound of this popular instrument. His easy-going teaching manner and clear, slowed-down examples and explanations, along with the practical play-along sessions ... Read More

You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin - Video 1

Butch Baldassari

Lesson One

This easy, hands-on beginner's lesson will teach you to play the mandolin in minutes. The late Butch Baldassari provides a solid introduction to the instrument, showing you essentials such as how to hold the mandolin, get tuned up, use the pick and play a basic scale and chords in the key of G. Before long you'll be picking ... Read More

You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin - Video 2

Butch Baldassari

Lesson Two

Move into the next phase of your mandolin studies and start getting into more challenging tunes and techniques. The late Butch Baldassari makes it easy with his relaxed manner and clear, slowed-down musical examples. You'll learn how to play chord positions up and down the neck, along with slides, hammer-ons, tremolo, double stops, open string harmonies and other soloing ... Read More
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