Happy Traum will be performing and conducting several fingerpicking and blues guitar workshops across the country. Each one will help you develop your technique, increase your repertoire of songs and advance on your instrument. These classes are open to any player who knows the basics and wants to move on to new things. Happy is always welcoming, non-judgmental and flexible, and his classes are a lot of fun, too.

Here are some places you can catch some lessons from him.

May 26 - 28: Folk College, Huntingdon, PA 

July 10 - 14: Richard Thompson's Frets and Refrains, Big Indian, NY

July 30 - August 5: Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival, Port Townsend, WA

September 15 - 17: Fresh Grass Festival, North Adams, MA

October 27 - 29: Woodstock Luthier's Invitational Showcase, Woodstock NY

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