Download Audio Files as MP3s

We're pleased to announce that, in response to several customer requests, our online audio lessons can now be enjoyed in your choice of formats: 1) Play and work with them in our proprietary player; 2) Stream them directly from your computer or mobile device; 3)  download them to your hard drive as MP3 files.

• Our player, which we offer for both audio and video playback, provides an excellent, convenient way to keep all your lessons in one easy-to-find place and gives you advanced practice controls such as looping and slow-down of the audio.

• Streaming is right there when you open your Library and is ready for immediate learning.

• Downloading the lessons as MP3 files allows you to transfer them to iTunes or other playback applications. Most importantly, you now have all of these tools at your fingertips so you can choose one, or all, to play back your Homespun audio lessons.

When you open your purchased audio lessons you'll see a "Download All Files" button. Click this and your lessons will be saved to your hard drive, after which you can add them to iTunes or any other audio playback application. 

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