A Beginner's Guide to Chord Positions

Happy Traum

Simple, Creative Ways to Move Up the Neck

Two audio hours, includes chord diagrams on pdf file
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

This two-hour course was made specifically for those guitar students who have never ventured into the unknown territory above the third fret. Although it may seem mysterious at first, it's actually easy to find your way into the upper reaches of the fingerboard. The knowledge you'll gain will give you a deeper understanding of the guitar and will enhance your ability to create beautiful arrangements for your favorite songs.

Guitarist and Homespun Tapes founder Happy Traum starts with the simplest three-string chord positions, explaining with clear instructions how to move them around the fingerboard. When combined with other easy chord shapes, these chords will enable you to play in any key and in any position on the neck.

Once you've mastered the three-string chords, you'll move on to four, five and six-string (barre) movable chords, and will learn songs and progressions to help you put your newly acquired chord knowledge into practice. By learning to use the entire fingerboard, you'll be able to increase your palette of sounds, accompany other players and become a better all-around guitarist.


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