A Fiddle Lesson with Natalie MacMaster

Natalie MacMaster
Skill Level 3

69 Minute DVD, includes music booklet
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On this lesson, one of Canada's greatest fiddlers and most dynamic performers teaches five traditional tunes, each in a different style: The Headlands March (march), Dusky Meadow (strathspey), The Picnic Reel (reel), The Honeysuckle (hornpipe) and The Knights of St. Patrick’s (jig).

Natalie MacMaster breaks each tune down phrase-by-phrase, demonstrating the placement of the various drones, double-stops, cuttings of the bow and other embellishments of the Cape Breton fiddle style. Her special emphasis is on the ornaments -- grace notes, double grace notes, trills, pull-offs, hammer-ons, etc. -- and the bowing that is specific to each type of tune. She even touches on the clogging-style footwork that provides additional rhythmic emphasis for this dance music.

We are pleased to offer this lesson by Natalie, which documents the strong Cape Breton fiddle tradition as well as her own superb technique.


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