Basic Arranging Techniques that Every Guitarist Should Know - Video 2

Happy Traum

From Simple Strumming to Intricate Versions of Traditional Favorites - Standard Tuning

110 Minute video - includes tab and music file pdf
  • Code:DLHAPAR22
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

The learning continues as Happy Traum takes you, step-by-step, through three more classic American songs, building each one from its simplest chord-and-strum accompaniment (a perfect jumping-off point for the beginning player) to a fully realized performance piece complete with melody notes, bass lines, chord substitutions, harmonies, picking techniques and improvisations.

Drawing on his nearly 50 years of teaching experience, Happy systematically introduces elements to each song that will help give you a better command of the fretboard. At the same time you'll be adding wonderful material to your repertoire, building your right and left hand technique and improving your musical understanding.

Lesson 2 is all played in standard tuning and includes Stephen Foster's perennial favorite, Hard Times Come Again No More; the traditional hymn Wayfaring Stranger; and the southern Appalachian classic, Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies.


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