Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should Know - Two-Video Set

Happy Traum

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Two Video Set - Music and tab pdf files
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)


Guitarists: Do you know how the strings, frets, notes, scales and chords all work together to make music? Whether you're a total beginner or have been at it for years, there's a good chance you lack a basic understanding of the theory behind what you're playing.

Lesson 1

Happy Traum, one of the world's best-known guitar teachers, demystifies the guitar fretboard and brings it into focus for learning players. He starts at the very beginning, providing the essential knowledge you'll need in your quest to become a better player.

This is theory that will become immediately applicable to real playing situations. Starting with chromatic and diatonic (major) scales, Happy maps out the fingerboard so you can quickly find notes in any key and start turning them into simple melodies. You'll learn what intervals are, how bass runs and chords are built and how they are used in songs.

In short, this introduction to music theory for the guitar will give you a whole new perspective and will reveal the vast possibilities that are hidden under the strings of your instrument.

Lesson 2

Happy Traum continues his hands-on exploration of basic music theory, providing essential knowledge that every guitarist needs to become a more skillful, fully-rounded player.

This lesson is packed with invaluable information. You'll learn moveable three- and four-string chord shapes that can be played anywhere, in any key, up and down the fretboard, along with the basic chord progressions that bring these shapes into practical application. By understanding the degrees of the scale and where the notes of each chord can be found, you can use them to build arrangements and improvisations for any song. In addition, you'll learn scales and chords in major and minor keys; transposing from one key to another; using harmonized scales; building chord progressions; and learning other skills based on your new understanding of how the guitar works.

As you work through this course you'll gain new insights into your guitar and how the strings, frets, scales and chords all fit together in a logical, easy-to-grasp system.


"I wanted to let you know I've been working with your latest DVD on music theory for guitar. I am so glad you produced this series because I've been wanting to learn how to make instrumental arrangements for years, but could never figure out the double-stop patterns up the neck.... So after you demonstrated "Amazing Grace" and "Will the Circle" it all started to make sense for me. I've been able to find melodies and chord positions that really sound cool. I find that people are so moved when a person can play a familiar tune as an arrangement on guitar and make it sound "full." I just wanted to let you know that this lesson really helped me a lot and I appreciate the wonderful job you did putting it together." -- Kevin Johnson

"I'm currently working through the Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should Know, and again am finding this really useful, as it opens up the guitar to allow me to create my own arrangements, not just copying others, which I find extremely useful, and he teaches theory without it ever being boring which is an extra added bonus!" - Andrew Preston,UK



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