"Big Island" - Slack Key Style in Open G

Mike Dowling

A Download-Only Homespun Single Song Lesson

17 minutes • No TAB for this lesson
  • Code:DLDOWBI
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Learn to play this soulful Mike Dowling original tune in the slack key style and you’ll feel the gentle breezes of the islands waft into your life. While this fingerstyle piece is reasonably easy to play, it has some really neat rhythmic and harmonic elements - lots of double-stops in thirds and sixths - that will make it well worth working on. As with all of Mike’s tunes, this one has some nice musical surprises, too. It’s a multi-part piece in open G, and the fingerstyle picking provides that rich, evocative Hawaiian mood that listeners find so compelling. You’ll love learning and playing this piece.


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