Blue Uke

Del Rey

Blues, Rags and Jazzy Dance Tunes

Includes music and tab
With Steve James, Guitar
  • Code:DLDELUK21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)
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We’re in the midst of a ukulele renaissance, and this wonderful little instrument’s role has been expanding to include a wide variety of musical genres. In the hands of the amazing Del Rey it becomes a veritable blues and ragtime music machine!

This informative and entertaining DVD will teach you a myriad of fingerpicking and chording techniques. Del takes a guitar player’s approach to the instrument, using her three fingers to get syncopated melody and harmony lines against a steady thumb beat. She teaches you how to play cool riffs, turnarounds, blues songs and up-beat dance tunes.  

Tuning her uke to open C (G-C-E-A), she starts off with blues scales and right hand exercises to coordinate your picking and fretting hands. Then it’s right into five fabulous pieces in a variety of keys: Goin' Up The Country (Barbeque Bob), Run and Tell Your Daddy, Lord and Keep It Clean (Charlie Jordan), Dance Hall Shuffle (Clifford Hayes) and Brown's Blues (Matt Weiner).

Extra! Del performs four songs with guitarist Steve James, and provides invaluable insights into strings, picks and ukes in general. 


Larry Butler 2 years, 7 months ago

Del is a very wonderful and skilled musician. This DVD is most definitely for advanced players. She covers a vast amount of material which will last any strummer for years.

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Fuad Efendi 2 months ago

Is it for strummers only?

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