Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp

Stacy Phillips

A Basic Guide to Style, Technique and Practice

Two videos, includes music on pdf file. Combined time 2 hours, 30 minutes
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Here is a complete course in which Stacy Phillips unlocks the secrets of playing authentic bluegrass fiddle. These information-packed lessons are aimed at basic players as well as violinists who play classical, jazz or old-time music and want to learn the nuances of bluegrass style.

Stacy concentrates on some classic songs, showing you how to give each one a typical bluegrass flavor and create a hot fiddle solo in the styles of Benny Martin, Kenny Baker, Chubby Wise, Jimmy Buchanan, Bobby Hicks and others. With his encyclopedic knowledge of bluegrass style and history, he breaks each piece down with clarity and precision. Stacy fills you in on the underlying principles behind the licks, so you gain musical knowledge that will be helpful in any style you decide to play.

Throughout this course Stacy provides in-depth, detailed advice on all aspects of basic fiddling. He starts you with a solo that has been used on a host of classic songs, including Why Did You Wander? Gonna Paint the Town  and On My Way Back to the Old Home. This solo illustrates much of the bedrock of bluegrass fiddling. Stacy takes a typical solo apart note-by-note, analyzing how and why each phrase is played in the bluegrass tradition. Other songs that Stacy examines include Take This Hammer, Jimmy Brown the Newsboy, Long Journey Home, All the Good Times are Past and Gone, and Salty Dog Blues.

Stacy prepares you for realistic playing situations, showing you how the professionals do it. Just one viewing of this course will improve your skills at jam sessions, but there's enough information included here for years of study.

Student Reviews:

"Yesterday I received my Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp video with StacyPhillips. This is definitely the best instruction video I've ever purchased! Stacy covered just about everything I had questions about . . . especially chords! Being a classically trained cellist, I just don't "think" in chords, but I am confident that after some work with this video I'll be playing licks on my fiddle out of chord formations in no time. Can't wait to get home tonight and get to work at it! Thanks for producing such quality products (I already own the Sam Bush/Bill Monroe and Richard Greene videos). If I ever give into my curiosity about the Dobro, you can be sure I'll be back for yet another Stacy Phillips video!" -- Janet Scott

"I learned something new within the first 15minutes and loved the depth that you put into your explanation.... This is such a great DVD set to take in regular lesson format and work on each piece before moving on. Watching the first DVD straight through has given me the feel for how you teach and an overall understanding of the techniques you will be covering. Thank you so much for putting the time into making this available to students." -- Laurie Hillis

Magazine Review:

"This two video set will take the intermediate fiddler to a new level of understanding bluegrass fiddle.... Phillips is one of the leading experts in the field of fiddle education and his presentation of this material is systematic and easily comprehensible.... Highly recommended." -- Bluegrass Unlimited

"This two-DVD set contains a veritable mountain of information.... Stacy Phillips has documented fiddling in the past twenty-some years as no one else has... This is the culmination of much of that information regarding bluegrass. While there is no way to teach all that embodies the bluegrass fiddle style, Phillips provides the required basics in a format much more compatible with learning than any book alone, or book and CD could provide. Highly recommended." -- Fiddler Magazine


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