Bluegrass Jamming - Intermediate Level

Pete Wernick
One hour 55 minute video, includes chords and lyrics on a pdf file to view or print. Featuring Drew Emmitt, mandolin; Nick Forster, guitar; Ben Kaufmann, bass; Sally Van Meter, dobro; Joan Wernick, guitar; Nancy St
  • Code:DLWERJM22
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Here's a full-to-the-brim video made especially for bluegrass pickers who want to take their jamming ability to the next level. It will help you build your repertoire and will vastly improve your confidence so you can join in and jam in any situation.

In this carefully organized session led by Pete "Dr. Banjo" Wernick, a professional bluegrass band plays a repertoire of seventeen classic songs and instrumentals, providing rhythm backup in key spots so you can try your hand at taking a solo. Each song is played at a slow-to-moderate tempo, so it's easy to play along with the band.

You'll learn the ins and outs of jamming: backup basics, playing the melody, using a capo, essential jam etiquette and even what to do if you get in a musical "train wreck."  And as in the other two Pete Wernick Jam videos, there is an inset of the guitar player's hands to show the chords played.

The following songs are playing in a variety of keys, to give you the full range of playing experience:

Angeline the Baker, Lonesome Road Blues, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Man of Constant Sorrow, Rabbit In a Log, Sweet Sunny South, Crying Holy, Uncle Pen, Molly and Tenbrooks, Gold Watch and Chain, Roll On Buddy, Columbus Stockade Blues, Dark Hollow, If I Lose, I Am a Pilgrim, Wreck of the Old 97, Roving Gambler, Just Like You, Paradise, Ramblin' Boy, A Beautiful Life, Bill Cheatham.


"As on the other two in the series, the format is straight forward and the material is presented informally with a bit of good humor all around. All of the twenty-two songs (twenty of them well known) have at least two full breaks for your solo to be played over the band's backing; you'll have no trouble recognizing your entry point as Wernick usually calls you out, just as it should be done at any good jam. During the first part of each song, a small inset window focuses on the guitar player's left hand to help you follow the chords.

As a teaching tool, this is more of a playing aid than a how-to lesson. Though interspersed with suggestions on jam etiquette, playing the melody, playing backup, signals for stopping a tune, and recovering if the song gets confused, the main function of this video is to provide you with a band and a chance to get familiar with jamming at this tempo. As has been said and as this nearly two-hour video underscores, experience is the best teacher." -- Bluegrass Unlimited


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