Bob Brozman's Guide to Roots Guitar Styles - Video 1

Bob Brozman

Blues, Ragtime and Swing #1

75-minute Video, Includes tab pdf file
  • Code:DLBOBHG21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Move beyond basic folk styles and get into the excitement of fingerstyle blues, ragtime and swing! With his dynamic picking techniques and deep understanding of traditional guitar styles, the late Bob Brozman provides you with the tools to explore your guitar's rhythmic, harmonic and melodic possibilities.

Bob shows you how to play exciting songs like Salty Dog Blues, Jazz'm Blues and Sister Kate. Learning these pieces will increase your knowledge of chord voicings and inversions up and down the fingerboard. As you reach automatically for the position you need, you'll learn how to connect the chord you are playing with other chords in a song's progression, and you'll gain an understanding of music theory as well.

In his inimitable way, Bob covers ragtime picking patterns, compression strokes, two-hand string damping, harmonics, double-time rhythm and other important right-hand techniques. This DVD will provide months of study, invaluable practice techniques, and powerful concepts that every guitarist should know.


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