Bob Brozman's Guide to Roots Guitar Styles - Video 2

Bob Brozman

Blues, Ragtime and Swing #2

65-minute video, Includes tab pdf file
  • Code:DLBOBHG22
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Get more variety out of your arrangements, develop powerful instrumental technique and expand your musical horizons with the late Bob Brozman's second foray into American roots guitar music. This jam-packed lesson will build your instrumental skills, improve your fingerpicking and enhance your total understanding of the guitar's fingerboard.

Bob's breakdown of his powerful fingerpicking and chording techniques is designed to move you beyond basic folk style into more complex musical forms that are deeply within the American popular tradition. He teaches the important 32-bar song form, along with the distinctive chords and rhythms that characterize swing, Gypsy jazz, '30s Cab Calloway-style songs, calypso rhythms and other "hot guitar" sounds. He shows you how to use palm harmonics, play minor key jazz/blues tunes and provides you with a variety of rhythm exercises so you can play those "fat" swing chords that everybody loves.

You'll then put all these newfound skills into practice as you learn note-for-note renditions of Hot Moments With You, Dear, Blue Devil Blues and Dog and Cat.


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