Bringin' Out the Bounce

Toby Walker

Techniques to Make Your Fingerpicking "POP"

60-minute video, includes music and tab pdf file
  • Code:DLWKRBB21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

The remarkable Toby Walker has made an outstanding lesson that is sure to appeal to all fingerpickers who love blues and traditional guitar playing. He helps bring your songs to life by adding the rhythmic bounce that will put "pop" into anything you want to play.

Toby starts off with a basic version of Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms, developing it step-by-step with tried and true techniques - muted bass, accented beats, a syncopated "bounce" note, fills, licks and runs until it really swings.

In Mance Lipscomb's Sugar Babe and Toby's original, Traveling with Charlie, he builds his arrangements by adding a cool hammer-on sequence, a "reverse slide", "reverse pull-off," a neat ending and other techniques that will enhance your picking.

Blind Blake's That'll Never Happen No More introduces the thumb technique Toby calls the "da-dump" rhythm, where your bass notes anticipate the beat in a 'double-thumbing" shuffle groove. Finally, Rev. Gary Davis' Sally Where'd You Get Your Liquor From introduces dazzling, dance-inspired licks and runs that will amaze you and your listeners.

This lesson is a must-have for anyone who wants to pick with the best of them.



Andrew McElhatton 2 months, 1 week ago

Six songs are covered in this concise lesson. Most of the songs fall along the blues genre with fresh turnarounds and unique riffs to keep the listener guessing. Tips and techniques within will elevate anyone's guitar playing.

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