Building Dynamic Solos

James Nash

"Call and Response” Ideas for Lead Guitar

90-minute video includes TAB + back-up tracks
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  • Skill Level:Advanced Intermediate (5)

James Nash is an engaging communicator who makes this lesson exciting from the first notes. He approaches soloing and improvisation using a powerful musical concept: “Call and response.” Referencing the scales and chord progressions of some familiar songs, James shows intermediate/advanced players how to build powerful and creative solos up and down the fretboard. 

Opening with the classic fiddle tune, Blackberry Blossom, James explores different combinations of call and response within the melody, then adds exciting improvisational ideas to the mix, building it into a thrilling solo. Throughout the lesson, producer Adam Traum sits in on rhythm guitar.

From there, James deconstructs the enduring classic Going Down the Road Feeling Bad in two keys, C and E, highlighting ways to explore the fretboard while soloing on the tune. Throughout this lesson, the mysteries of the fretboard will become clearer and you'll develop new facilities up and down the neck.

Next, James takes the modal scale implied in Stevie Wonder's Superstition and uses it as a canvas for some really cool minor pentatonic ideas up and down the guitar fingerboard. He explores “ghost notes” to keep the funky rhythm moving as he plays a lead, and comes up with an exercise in the moment that inspires new ideas. In a fun musical detour, he takes some of those same licks and applies them to the old fiddle tune, Shady Grove.

The Grateful Dead song, Casey Jones, brings things back to the classic rock arena. Here, Nash digs into the iconic Jerry Garcia intro/solo, and then quickly deviates from that, demonstrating how to put one’s own stamp on this perennial favorite.

This lesson is aimed primarily at advanced-intermediate players, but James makes sure there are plenty of ideas and techniques that can be achieved by intermediate pickers who may not have prior soloing experience. Tablature and backup tracks are included so you can work out your own ideas in productive practice sessions.  


chris koulouridis 1 year, 2 months ago

I`ve just bought this course, and what can i say, its fantastic!!!!!!Great solos that really make sense, and concepts that will transform any guitar player`s soloing to the next level. Thank you Homespun and thank you James Nash for this great coursa!!!!!

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