Classical Guitar - Two-Video Set

Frederic Hand
Skill Level 1

Two videos: Technique and Musicianship + Seven Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar
, Includes music on pdf file
  • Code:DVDHNDGT23

These lessons are for both classical musicians and fingerstyle guitarists who want to improve their speed, tone and technique. They include essentials of good playing as well as practice with arpeggios, scales,vibrato, cross-string trills and other techniques that you'll apply to beautiful classical-style pieces. The music taught on these DVDs will be within the reach of most guitarists who are familiar with the fingerboard and basic guitar technique.

Student Review:

"I have both of the Frederic Hand videos and find the 'Seven Easy Pieces' to be a real treasure. Does he have any more videos in development? I would love to see 'Seven More Easy Pieces' or 'Seven Intermediate Pieces' or something like that. He's great!" 


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