Dan Crary's Flatpick Guitar Workshop

Dan Crary

An Exploration of Dynamic Soloing

85-minute video, Includes music + tab pdf file
  • Code:DLCRAGT21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

You won't find a better teacher than Dan Crary to show you how to play exciting flatpicking tunes on the guitar.

This in-depth lesson by one of the most dynamic and accomplished players on the acoustic music scene contains a wealth of technical knowledge, encouragement, inspiration and powerful ideas that will benefit all players. It's designed to give you a new understanding of your guitar and provide all the tools you need to develop your instrumental skills.

Dan's original arrangements of classic tunes are widely recognized as flatpicking repertoire standards. On this lesson, he takes apart five of these dazzling showstoppers, revealing some of his favorite tricks: fiddle drone effects, banjo-like runs, snapping strings, syncopated licks, pull-offs and hammer-ons and crosspicking. His invaluable advice on a wide range of topics will redefine the way you approach your practice sessions, help you set realistic learning goals, get "unstuck" from a plateau and improve your performances.

Before long, you'll be playing Lime Rock, Arkansas Traveler, John Henry, Foggy Mountain Special and Sally Goodin, and creating your own variations of these classic tunes.


"....No flatpicking guitarist creates more powerful, dramatic guitar arrangements of traditional and original tunes than Dan Crary. . . One of Crary's great gifts as a guitarist has always been his ability to bring non-guitar sounds to the instrument. In this lesson, he brings banjo rolls and fills and other imaginative licks to his arrangements, and he knows how to highlight this information. . . . Guitarists of nearly any ability will find a lot to learn here." -- Acoustic Guitar


Mark McCann 2 years, 6 months ago

"Professor" Dan Crary is the most motivating guitar instructor I ever experienced!

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