"Down Yonder" Flatpicking Solo

Steve Kaufman

24 Minutes - includes music and tab

  • Code:DLKAUDY21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

On this extension of his 2-hour “Bluegrass Guitar Licks-ercises” video, Steve teaches an exciting version of the classic tune, Down Yonder, a sure show-stopper for any bluegrass flatpicker. Along with the chords and melody, you’ll learn how to play double-stops in G, C, D, E and A, mixing in two-, four- and eight-bar filler runs that will bring exciting ideas for all players at intermediate to advanced levels. 

Steve’s deft skill in explaining things in a clear, concise manner, his deep understanding of the guitar, and his passion for bluegrass make this a powerful and indispensable lesson. Once you have mastered this tune, the double-stops and filler licks you master can be be applied to a myriad of other songs in the flatpicking tradition.


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