Ear Training For Instrumentalists

Matt Glaser
Six audio hours, Plus music on pdf file

No matter what instrument or type of music you play or sing, this six-hour audio download course in musicianship, theory and ear training will develop your skills, help you create and improvise solos and expand your musical consciousness. Through a progressive series of interactive exercises, Matt Glaser teaches you to play or sing anything you hear.

Over weeks and months of studying these lessons, you'll develop the ability to recognize pitches, intervals and phrases, transcribe instrumental solos and repeat complex rhythms and meters.

Starting with the simplest two-note intervals, Matt gradually builds up your melodic and rhythmic sense until you have developed the ability to play back complex phrases and complete solos-after only one hearing!

Matt Glaser, swing fiddle player and head of the string department at Boston's Berklee College of Music, has developed this unique program for all musicians, and it really works!

This series is an invaluable tool for anyone serious about improving his or her musical knowledge and technique, whether you are a beginner or experienced professional.


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