Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar Videos 1 and 2

Happy Traum

Two Video Set

Two videos, includes music and tab file on pdf
  • Code:DLHAPEB23
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

These two lessons are the perfect choice for you if you're an early-intermediate guitarist who wants to begin playing blues on your acoustic guitar. All you need to get started are the basic chords and Happy Traum will get you into the world of traditional blues guitar in no time. Before long, you'll be playing songs complete with intros, endings, turnarounds, licks and even improvised solos!

Customer Reviews:

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your Easy Steps to Blues Guitar. I am about half way through DVD #2 and I am enjoying it immensely! I have been playing guitar casually for about 35 years, and I have always wanted to play acoustic blues, but never had the opportunity to learn. Your approach, speed, and the way you break it down makes it very learnable for someone like me. I am not a great player, but I feel like I am getting much better as a result of your DVD's. I have a renewed interest in playing and practice almost every day." - Dave Anderson

"I just finished learning the easy steps to acoustic blues DVDs, and have found them to be by far the best introduction to the Blues dvds that I've seen yet. Whereas most DVDs just teach you to play certain songs, Happy really taught why and how everything fits together, explaining the blues itself and how it all works, rather than simply teaching you how to play songs. I found it particularly useful as it has enabled me to start making my own blues songs, something I had no idea of how to do when I was just learning songs. So a big thank you." - Andrew Preston, UK


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