Easy Steps to Flamenco Guitar

Aaron Gilmartin

Play Along and Learn

Two hour video, includes music and tab file on pdf file
  • Code:DLAAREF21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Sound like a flamenco guitarist today! Aaron Gilmartin has made his introduction to this guitar style so easy that even someone with just a minimal amount of guitar experience can start playing this exciting and passionate music.

To get you going, Aaron has chosen Tango Flamenco, one of the great traditional Latin dance forms transformed by flamenco. It's based on a simple, instantly recognizable four-chord progression and a driving rhythmic pulse. (Popular groups such as the Gipsy Kings made this sound famous )

The rhythm (compass), with its familiar percussive effect, is key to this style. Aaron teaches you the basic right hand strums (rasgueados) and picking (picados) that conjure up the sounds of Spain. Aiming this lesson at true beginners of this style, Aaron takes each step of his lesson at a very slow and deliberate pace. He builds your flamenco technique using a logical, step-by-step method, providing numerous exercises, play-alongs and great advice about everything from getting good tone to using fake nails. He helps you with each chord, gradually adding grace notes, bass and melody lines, arpeggios and other techniques until you are playing a full-fledged flamenco solo.


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