Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking - Video 2

Happy Traum

Lesson 2: Songs in Dropped D Tuning

One hour, 25 minute video includes music and tab pdf file
  • Code:DLHAPFG22
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

On this second lesson in the set, Happy Traum takes his hands-on, user-friendly fingerpicking course to the next level. He builds your guitar skills in a comprehensive, step-by-step method that will soon have even novice pickers playing firmly in intermediate territory.

This lesson concentrates on the versatile and useful "dropped D" tuning, with its booming bass notes and full-sounding chords. You'll learn how to play five traditional songs, each one rich with possibilities for creating your own arrangements: The Colorado Trail, My Home's Across the Smoky Mountains, Fishin' Blues, The Blues Ain't Nothin' and the renowned folk ballad John Henry.

You'll start by playing each song in its simplest form, picking out the melody and accompanying it with the steady, alternating thumb bass pattern that gives this style its distinctive sound. By adding chord shapes, licks and melodic variations, you'll soon be playing compelling renditions of each song featuring your newfound guitar skills.


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