Eight Great Tunes and Variations for Flatpick Guitar

Dan Crary
One audio hour, includes music and tab pdf file

Here's a great way to improve your guitar skills, build your repertoire, and develop an ability to expand basic tunes into complete instrumental arrangements. Dan Crary teaches eight of his most requested show-stoppers, demonstrating them up to speed and then slowing them down to explain the finer points of flatpicking.

Dan includes well-known Irish and American fiddle tunes as well as two of his own astounding instrumental compositions. These wonderful pieces will help you build your technique and knowledge of the guitar, and will allow you to go on to create your own tunes and variations.

Songs: Billy in the Low Ground, Forked Deer, McCahill's Reel, Irish Waltz, Cotton Patch Rag, Sweet Laree, Tom and Jerry.


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